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Alexis Skyy & Ari Allegedly Fought, Twitter Asks Where Is The Video?

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

There are rumors of a serious brawl that went down between Alexis Skyy and Ari Fletcher, and now Twitter wants to see the footage.

Allegedly the cucumber expert Alexis Skyy and Ari said the hell with social distancing and decided to knuckle up. The alleged pandemic fracas involved the use of a gun, knives, and allegedly someone getting stabbed. Twitter, while disgusted to learn about the rumored altercation between the two women, also wants to see the video evidence and is asking where the hell is at?

Both Alexis and Ari have yet to comment, so at this point this still mere speculation. Skyy’s “beef” with Fletcher began after she had the audacity to say she paved the way for women like Ari after fans accused her of copying Ari. Skyy sounded off in a tweet:

“You b*tches .. are weird af I’m in my own lane I don’t hate on no one all these trolls tagging me in sh*t saying I’m trying be like this person. Let me make something clear I love myself I’m beautiful inside and out! I been real humble. I paved the way for these b*tches.”

Ari didn’t take too kindly to Skyy’s claim, and the rest is history. Well, until we see a video or both ladies confirm the pandemic fisticuffs, this all just hearsay right now. Until then, have a laugh or two at the tweets in the gallery below.

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