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Ceaser Gets Rok & Kyrstal To Make A Decision On Their Shop

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This week on Black Ink Crew, Rok and Krystal finally decide what to do with Gods of Ink. Ceaser is forced to close another shop in New York, and Bux gets caught pillow-talking.

Ceaser Says It Might Be A Wrap For Black Ink 125th.

The episode opens up with Ceaser talking to Suzette, yes, they are still together, about possibly having to shut down his Black Ink shop on 125th street in Harlem.

Ceaser reveals the only way he will be able to keep the shop is on a month-to-month lease, which is not sitting well with him.

Suzette thinks the landlord is only doing this to push Ceaser out of the property to jack the rent up. Ceaser is pretty upset at the thought he will no longer have a presence in Harlem.

Bux Gets A Surprise Visit

Bux has officially got his stripes on Black Ink Crew after he has what they call a “pop up” happen to him.

A woman he met and tattooed aired Bux out and dragged him by his veneers for ghosting her after he slept with her.

The woman also claims that Bux had some thoughts about Spyder’s wife and talked about his other coworkers while he was laid up with her.

Bux claims the woman is only mad because he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with her, but his excuse is not enough for his good friend Spyder.

Bux is in his feelings at the thought he hurt Spyder, who got him the job at Black Ink and apologizes to him.

Spyder accepts the apology but, during his confessional, says he and Bux are no longer friends.

Rok & Krystal Talk About Ceaser’s Ultimatum

Arguably one of the most annoying couples in Black Ink Crew history, Rok and Krystal have a dilemma.

They still want to be a part of Black Ink, but at the same time, enjoy their shop in New Jersey, Gods of Ink, to be the next big thing.

They both feel it’s unfair that Puma and Bae have their shops and get to keep their original names. To be fair to Puma, he opened his shop when he was on the outs with Ceaser and the Black Ink brand.

On top of that, Krystal feels Rok is being soft when handling the situation, while Rok wishes his soon-to-be wife would give him more credit.

Krystal decides she will talk to Ceaser this time since she believes Rok didn’t stand up to their boss the first time.

Alex Is Still Serious About Becoming A Popular OnlyFans Creator

The vagina slayer wants to be the world’s most famous amateur pornstar. We blame Ceaser for this ridiculous storyline being a thing.

Anyway, Alex enlists the help of Safaree to help him become a top content creator on OnlyFans because he thinks Safaree is a superstar on OnlyFans.

Alex decides to hold auditions to find a woman he can create content. Lethal Lipps, a real porn star, shows up to the tryouts and impresses both men with her particular throat skills.

In the end, Alex chooses three women to work with. We don’t care to know how the content will turn out.

Ceaser Tells The Crew About The Bad News

After Puma announces another Puma production, a 4/20-themed skating party, Ceaser tells his friend that he has decided to close the shop on 125th.

Ceaser later breaks the news at the skate party and also adds that the workers from the 125th shop will now be working at the Brooklyn shop.

Everyone is sad, but at the same time, they are ridiculously high, so they still seem happy.

Ceaser also speaks with Rok and Krystal at the event. After all that tough talk, Krystal can’t hold back tears while trying to make her case for Gods of Ink.

Ultimately, they agree to convert Gods of Ink into Black Ink New Jersey, and all three will own 33 percent of the shop.

You can see reactions to the episode in the gallery below.

Photo: Paras Griffin / Getty

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