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Brett Favre, who torched the NFL for years as a star quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, has proven himself to be something of a MAGA nut in recent years. Hopping back into that bag, the Mississippi native offered some thoughts on Derek Chauvin and George Floyd that nobody in the free world asked for.

During an episode of his Boiling With Favre podcast, the retired NFL great spoke on the guilty-as-hell Chauvin a day after the verdict was read in the trial regarding the unfortunate death of Floyd. In Favre’s case, he can’t fathom the idea that Chauvin had it out for Floyd despite all the public evidence stating otherwise.

“I find it hard to believe, and I’m not defending Derek Chauvin in any way, I find it hard to believe, first of all, that he intentionally meant to kill George Floyd,” Favre opened up his statement with.

He continued with, “That being said, his actions were uncalled for. I don’t care what color the person is on the street. I don’t know what led to that video that we saw where his knee is on his neck, but the man had thrown in the towel.”

Favre, who has routinely been against peaceful protest and social justice issues being mentioned during sporting events, tried to clarify his position on Wednesday (April 21).

“I just gave my opinion. I’m certainly not a racist in spite of what some people might think, and you know, I’m for unity and I just feel like there’s a better way to unify our country,” Favre shared.


Racist or not, Favre clearly doesn’t have a clue about the happenings of that fateful day when Chauvin gleefully kneeled on Floyd’s neck despite having the advantage in numbers by way of the arresting officers on the scene. Chauvin clearly didn’t give a damn that he was choking the life out of a man who had clearly surrendered.

Shame on Brett Favre for misleading his listeners and anyone else with any good sense with this moving of the goalpost.

Check out the reactions to Brett Favre’s idiocy below.

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