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Brian Flores Slaps NFL With Lawsuit On First Day of Black History Month

Source: Sun Sentinel / Getty

The NFL was hit with a gut punch on the first day of Black History Month after it was slapped with a lawsuit by former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores that is pretty much calling the “Rooney Rule” a glorified bandaid.

Brian Flores shocked the world on Tuesday (Feb.1) when he not only announced his lawsuit calling out the league for blatant racism in the head coach hiring process and provided a stunning receipt. Flores shared a text message he received from New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick congratulating the wrong Brian for landing the Giants head coaching job.

Belichick’s text message was received on Jan.24, two days before Flores was supposed to be interviewed for the job. A confused Flores can be seen in the text exchange with Belichick asking him, “Coach, are you talking to Brian Flores or Brian Daboll. Just making sure.”

“Sorry – I f—ed this up. I double checked & I misread the text. I think they are naming Daboll. I’m sorry about that. BB,” Belichick responded back, basically exposing the Giants were just honoring the Rooney Rule by talking with Flores even though they already decided to give Daboll the job.

That’s not all the lawsuit alleges. The Miami Dolphins owner offered Flores $100,000 for each game loss to get the team a better draft position, he also claims.

Flores and his attorney made their rounds on the television circuit on Wednesday (Feb.2), hammering away at the NFL, who and organizations who have flat out denied any wrongdoing in the matter. Speaking on ESPN’s morning show Get Up, Flores indicated he understands the ramifications for dropping a lawsuit like this could mean he will never coach in the league again but felt he had to speak up because it’s time for a change and “it will be worth it.”

Flores, who is still in the running to land the New Orleans Saints head coaching job recently vacated by Sean Payton, vowed he would not drop the lawsuit even if a team hires him, the Associated Press reports.

As expected, the lawsuit’s announcement had Black Twitter firmly behind Flores, who feel this could be the pivotal moment that brings the NFL to its knees and force some profound change. The most significant flex being that this lawsuit came on the first day of Black History Month.

We are all rooting for Brian Flores.

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Photo: Sun Sentinel / Getty

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