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Ceaser is excited about his expansion to Brooklyn thanks to Puma. Ted, on the other hand, is not feeling Puma's quick rise in the Black Ink Crew circle.

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Last week’s episode of Black Ink Crew ended with some drama as usual with London fending off Krystal and Tati. This week’s episode opens up on a good note with Ceaser looking to expand his “empire” to Bedstuy Brooklyn.

It looks like Ceaser’s decision to bring Puma back is paying off big time. The owner of Art 2 Ink landed a Ceaser a meeting with Councilman Robert E. Cornegy Jr. to discuss a potential shop location in Bedstuy BK. Ceaser rewards his former nemesis now best friend again with a 50/50 stake in any new shops going further. During the meeting, Ceaser reveals he got his start in the home of Biggie and JAY-Z  doing gang-related tattoos. The mood gets a bit somber when the head of the Black Ink empire shares the story about his first apprentice and friend Corey who was violently gunned down while doing a tattoo.

With that sad story out of the way, the councilman reveals that he already has some spots lined up they can see. The first potential space is more of a fixer-upper with a garden, and Puma likes it. The second spot doesn’t require much work and would take a shorty amount of time, and Ted is feeling it. BUT Puma points out that there is more space for more artist and that sways Ceaser onto his way of thinking much to the dismay of Ted. The habitual philanderer let his displeasure for Puma’s rise in the circle be known during his confessional. He also points out examples of Puma “failing” like the team bonding experience and London’s pool party in Memphis. Let’s be clear both Puma and Teddy thought it was a good idea.

While Ceaser, Puma, and Ted are out expanding the brand, the ladies of Black Ink minus London decide to scrounge up some cash and rent a party bus. During the ride, the ladies try to get the 411 on Ceaser and Kitty. Both Bae and Krystal feel the two should rekindle the fire because they look good together. Kitty looks good with anyone if we keeping it a buck. Anyway, Kitty just breaks down how her boss was there for her during her most vulnerable moment and keeps it moving. Donna eventually announces that she has a surprise for the gang and its none other than the Head of HR, Sky conveniently waiting for them on a corner. Once Sky hops on the bus, the Head of HR wastes no time making things interesting. She gives Tati the scare of her life when she says there is warrant out for her arrest for putting her hands on London in Memphis.

Tati is absolutely petrified because any interactions with the police can land her in jail. She quickly calms down when she learns the cop that Sky said was on the way was a stripper.

Speaking of London, Teddy and Miss Kitty’s no.2 are heating up very quickly. The new couple links up at restaurant because Ted claims he wanted to check up on her after last weeks drama. London is not too happy with Puma and him failing to defend her while Tati, Krystal, and Kitty basically blamed her for everything. She also pointed out Teddy coming up short too when it came to standing up for her. Ted quickly changes the subject and makes his usual claim that he is ready to settle down, and he feels London could possibly be the one. We all know how his previous relationships panned out when he felt the same way for Sky and Tati.

We check in on Walter and Jess’ relationship, which is currently rocky at the moment. Last week Walter was BIG MAD when Jess told him she doesn’t want her club shot up. The couple decides to link up and do some painting to discuss the previous blow up between them. Walt feels Jess should not be making the decision to shut down her womb on her own even after she carefully explains why she does not want wany more children. Walter just can’t seem to grasp her reasoning and Jess gets very upset and storms out. We like them together and hope they can get on the same page again, we hope Walt understands that while he wants more kids, it’s up to Jess if she wants to put her body through another pregnancy.

Speaking of kids, Mike meets with the woman he slept with years ago who just revealed to him her 5-year-old son could possibly be his. Mike is distraught that she decided not to tell him straight up, but she claims she was scared that he wasn’t ready for the responsibility. Mike argues that she should have let him make that decision and that he just hates the fact that he missed out on five years of the child’s life. Mike agrees to take a paternity test, and now the wait begins, if he is the boy’s father, he vows to step up.

Back in Brooklyn, Ceaser decides to sign on the dotted line for the space they saw. It was the garden that sold him on the location and Puma bringing up there will be more room for more artists to work. Ted is not happy with the decision and tells Ceaser to come with him to talk outside. Teddy thinks Ceaser is moving way too fast with Puma and shouldn’t trust him so easily. During his confessional, Ceaser thinks Ted is just hating and points out that since bringing him back on Puma has been the only one to deliver. He’s right.

Back at Black Ink, it’s time for the group bonding trip Sky decided they needed after she was briefed on the London situation. Everyone shows up except Tati citing personal reasons and London who says she is sick but probably means she just doesn’t want to be around the crew. Before they can pull off, they are waiting for Ted who shows up nearly an hour late blaming his tardiness on traffic. During his confessional, he reveals that he was busy “tending” to London as the real reason behind him showing up late.

Anyway, they pull off, and during the drive, Ceaser decides it is the perfect time to give a speech stating how happy he is to see all the OGs back. The journey to their location hits a snag when they encounter insane traffic, and then one of the sprinters break down. Sky decides she wants to put some good energy in the air the only way she knows how. She decides to strip down and break out the sage to clear the bad energy.

Mike decides that he doesn’t want Sky to feel alone and he complete strips down, making everyone uncomfortable, and the episode ends on that note.

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Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz