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Ceaser Black Ink Crew: New York

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Last week on Black Ink Crew: New York, Ceaser was in a funk because his daughter Cheyenne and her mother accused him of putting hands on her while she was in the shower. His new boo Suzette got involved in the situation. She exchanged words with the child on social media leading to Ted offering his cousin some advice leaving Ceaser something to think about. This week he makes a bonehead decision on the matter.

Love is somewhat dead on this week’s episode of the popular VH1 reality show.

Donna & Tatti’s Tired “Beef ” Continues

The episode picks up where last week’s left off with a heated confrontation between Tatti and Donna. The way the episode ended last week had viewers believing the two “friends with some strange benefits” would come to blows, but that turned out to be all hype because nothing but loud words were exchanged. Donna is still BIG MAD because she felt Tatti is doing too much when it comes to being a road manager when all Tatti did was ask her how much space she needed to sell all of her stuff?

The beef isn’t done cooking though, Donna is still in her feelings and decided to vent to Ceaser about what happened at the shop between herself and Tatti. Ceaser understandably doesn’t understand why Donna is mad in the first place, being that she doesn’t do anything in the shop tattoo wise requiring her to have so much space. Regardless he didn’t care if she sold her juices, but like us, the viewers, he is perplexed about what she is even mad about.

Tatti happens to overhear everything going on and decides to go downstairs and explain her side of the story. Donna, of course, can’t help but choose violence and begins to throw fruit at Tatti. The situation is defused before things get totally out of hand.

The Drama Continues At The Shop

With the New York crew now occupying the shop, the drama that always circles them is now in the air. Things get spicy when Atlanta artist Ink Daddy, these names are ridiculous, by the way, decides to “flirt” with Krystal while taking a dig at her boyfriend Rok by saying since his tattoo skills are not popping, he doesn’t deserve her. Krystal doesn’t take too kindly to that and says she was sexually harassed. Rok also kind of pressed the artist too before Tatti gets everyone to calm down and get back to work.

Ink Daddy let the crew know what type of energy he was on from the jump during a conversation with Spyder, letting them that Atlanta is his territory and no one from New York is taking it from him.

Anyway, unfortunately for Rok, the incident with Ink Daddy causes Krystal to look at him in a different light. The extremely feisty tattoo artist believes her boyfriend didn’t do enough to protect her and honestly thinks he should have swung off on Ink Daddy. So the “couple” decides to break up.

Down in the dumps and understandably confused, Rok chops it up with Alex about the situation. If anyone knows about dealing with a problematic woman, it’s him. He agrees where Krystal is coming from, telling Rok that if he were in that situation, he would have thrown a punch to make his presence felt and feels Rok should have done the same to show Krystal he is a tough guy willing to do anything for her.

You can always rely on the cast members of this show to give each other some bad advice.

Rok takes it upon himself to rectify the situation and speak with Ink Daddy. The two tattoo artists break bread, and Rok explains why he felt the way he did and how Ink Daddy was wrong. The Atlanta artist explains he just felt the New York crew came in trying to take over, and he just wanted to hang with them. They dap it up and move on, see? You can achieve peace without fighting all the damn time. Anyway, Krystal seems pleased with the outcome, and two seem to be back on the road to smashing.

Ceaser Really Took Ted’s Dumb Advice

Throughout the episode, the tattoo shop mogul was down in the dumps because his daughter doesn’t want anything to do with him because of the alleged incident that went down between them. Cheyenne’s mother has called child protective services in both Atlanta and New York on her ex to make matters worse. Ceaser decides to talk with his lawyer about the situation and tells him, no matter what, not to contact Cheyenne’s mother and if he really wants to check on his daughter to do it through a third party.

All of the drama going on with his crew members, especially between Tatti and Donna, is only making him think more about the situation with Cheyenne. He decides to talk with his girlfriend Suzette and tells her that he wasn’t feeling her going back and forth with his daughter on social media. Suzette says she understands his feelings but explains she was only defending herself because Cheyenne was sharing naked photos of her and talking about her kids.

Regardless, Ceaser decides to take his cousin’s bad advice and tells Suzette he feels they need to take a break until he can figure everything out. Suzette, understandably, is not down with that idea because she feels she took in Ceaser with all of his baggage, elevated his life, and held him down when he was at a low point in his life. She warns him not to take her for granted before she storms off.

Ceaser, please stop taking relationship advice from Ted.

Other Black Ink Crew moments include:

Puma is loving life in Atlanta and having all of his family around him. It’s his birthday, and he’s considering relocating his family to the south, and everyone is on board with that idea.

Bae has finally decided to come to Atlanta. She is not staying with the toxic crew.

Ceaser finally gives Tatti the recognition she has so desperately sought from him while working at the shop.

Oh, and Ted still ain’t sh*t.

You can peep more reactions to the episode in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83


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