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Ceaser Checks Van & Takes A Slight Dig At The 9 MAG Crew

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This week on Black Ink Crew, Ceaser is unhappy about what is going down at Black Ink Houston and checks Van. Puma and Quani are hopeful about their son after a positive outing. Alex has an OnlyFans account, and Puma celebrates turning the BIG 40.

Quani Is Ready For A Career

The episode begins with Puma and Teddy conversing after Ceaser spoke to them last week. Puma tells the professional couch sitter he doesn’t want anyone to feel pity for him after sharing that his son is on the spectrum for autism.

Paul, aka Puma, wants to enjoy life as his 40th birthday approaches, and he wants to do something big to celebrate because he doesn’t feel old.

Puma is not the only person feeling the stress. His wife, Quani, is also going through it. She is tired of just sitting home and watching the kids; she wants to have her career and  401(K) while continuing to be a role model for their children.

At first, Puma thinks it sounds selfish, but Quani reassures him that she is not going anywhere. Puma says he will support Quani in whatever she decides but still doesn’t understand because he feels he does everything to support his family.

Alex Is Single & Free, Reveals He Has An OnlyFans Page

Log this into the doing too damn much section. No longer under the oppressive thumb of big mama, aka Donna, Alex is now a single man.

He shares with the viewers that he decided to put his freakiness on full display and now has an OnlyFans page. That tattoo artist who has a history of having sex in bathroom stalls claims his account is popping.

We are judging anyone going out of their way to see what is going down in Alex’s bedroom.

Ceaser Heads To Houston, Van Lets Him Down Big Time

Yup, Ceaser hasn’t been dismissed yet and takes a trip to Houston to see what is going on at Black Ink Houston. He is disappointed to see that Van is not at the shop. Ceaser wishes his employees would step up for the Black Ink brand.

Ceaser links up with Houston Hip-Hop legend Bun B and does a tattoo on his wife. Bun B appreciates Ceaser tattooing his wife and signs a photo of himself that hangs in the shop.

Van and Ceaser eventually do have the conversation, and Ceaser lets Van know how disappointed he is with how things are going with the shop he opened with him.

Once the top earning shop in his still growing “empire,” Ceaser adds that the number of artists has decreased from 10 to 4. Van claims he is slipping because of personal issues he is dealing with. These people always have some “personal issues.”

Ceaser uses the moment to weirdly point out that Van’s friends in Chicago “left him for dead” it sounded like a dig at Ryan and the 9 MAG crew if you ask us.

Van promises to step up and do better, but Ceaser is still skeptical if his business partner will hold up his end of the bargain.

Puma’s Son Has A Great Moment

Following the tearful revelation that his son is on the spectrum, Quani finds a horseback training class that caters to children like their son.

Puma and Quani are happy to see their son focusing on the horse ride and enjoying himself, and it gives both of them hope about their son’s future Puma vows to do whatever it takes to help him.

With that out of the way, it’s time to party. The Black Ink Crew, minus Ceaser, show up to celebrate Puma turning 40 and do some indoor rock climbing.

Puma doesn’t hesitate to hit the wall and show his friends he can still hang despite hitting the big 4 0.

You can peep more reactions o the episode in the gallery below.

Photo: Johnny Nunez / Getty


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