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Black Ink Crew Recap: Puma Reveals His Son Is On The Spectrum

Source: Courtesy VH1 / Black Ink Crew

It’s time to leave the streets of Chicago and head back to Brooklyn, NYC. Black Ink Crew is back for its tenth season, and the crew celebrates the milestone. Ceaser is still ambitious as ever, but his team, mainly Teddy and Puma, feel he is being selfish and not thinking about what they want.

It’s Time To Celebrate

Before the episode begins, VH1 reminds the viewers that Ceaser was given the boot for abusing dogs and that the premiere episode was filmed back in March before the incident happened.

With that disclaimer out of the way, it’s time to celebrate. Can you believe it? We have been watching the Black Ink Crew shenanigans for ten long years.

The crew decides to come together to celebrate the momentous occasion. While watching the celebration go down, the team brings up to speed with what has been happening in their lives.

Ceaser has shown up yet and is still celebrating his big win at the Black Ink Tattoo battle, and he even got back with Suzette after that messy breakup last season while she was recovering from getting her fake ass fixed.

Spyder is still loud as hell, plus he got some new teeth. He’s in much better spirits after living through his health scare.

Young Bae is no longer as wild as she used to be. Now, she is just focused on raising her son.

Tatti, who wasn’t fooling anyone with her case, managed to strike a deal and avoid jail time for having cocaine sent to her home address, but she is on five-years probation. She is also an apprentice now and will be working under Syder.

Krystal and Rok are still going strong and even opened a tattoo shop in New Jersey.

Teddy now lives in Atlanta with his “wife,” Euni, and claims his acting career is bubbling and his “music label” is doing well.

Alex is still around and is a single man revealing that he and Donna, aka Big Momma, are no longer dating and he is a single man.

Once we have been brought up to speed, Ceaser and the crew toast to entertaining us for a decade.

Tatti Begins Her Apprenticeship, Buck Graduates

Buck’s apprenticeship ends when he does his first tattoo on a client earning him a job at Black Ink as a tattoo artist. Ceaser announces he wants to hold a graduation ceremony for Buck for completing his apprenticeship.

Meanwhile, Tatti’s apprenticeship is just beginning, and she is doing things like sweeping around the shop and cleaning toilets, and helping the other artists around the shop.

Ceaser is also looking for Puma and Teddy, who are noticeably absent from the shop.

Puma & Ted Are Slacking

Puma tells Quani that Ceaser has been laser-focused on building his Black Ink empire, but Puma feels that his brother’s ambition is blinding him from seeing that his employees have other things going on.

Besides, Puma has a lot going on with his shop, Art 2 Ink, and raising his family, which is keeping him from fulfilling his obligations running the Indianapolis shop.

Ted is chilling with his “wife,” Euni, and he reveals to her that his brother got out of prison a couple of years ago after serving a 23-year-sentence.

Ted says his brother reached out to him via social media but has yet to muster the courage to meet up with him. Euni gives her boo some words of encouragement and suggests he link up with his brother and take things one day at a time.

Ceaser gets a call from Breezy bearing some bad news. Money from the Indianapolis and Milwaukee shops is missing, and Ceaser is not happy to hear that.

The tattoo shop mogul holds a mandatory meeting to address the crew slacking. During his confessional, Teddy feels his cousin is putting his ambitions onto everyone else and ignoring that they have lives and dreams outside of the Black Ink.

Teddy Meets His Brother

Ted and his brother finally meet up after 28 years of not seeing each other. Teddy immediately apologizes to his older brother for not being there and visiting him while he was in jail.

Teddy’s brother tells him it’s all good because their dad picked up the slack, which surprises Teddy because his father wasn’t around when he was a kid. Ted tells his brother that he will do better and be around more, and his bro is receptive to that energy.

The First-Ever Black Ink Graduation Ceremony Goes Down

To commemorate Buck advancing to the next level in tattooing, Ceaser decides to hold the first-ever Black Ink graduation ceremony.

After Ceaser blesses Buck with his award, the attention shifts to Teddy, Puma, Krystal, and Rok, the tattoo shop mogul uses the moment to be shady, giving each of them awards for the non-productive things they always seem to do.

Puma got recognized for the work he’s not doing at the shop in Indianapolis, Teddy got an award for being the best couch sitter, and Krystal and Rok got an award for opening their shop, even though Rok said he told Ceaser all about it.

Teddy isn’t too happy about being embarrassed in front of everyone and feels that he and Puma should talk to Ceaser in private.

During the conversation between the Black Ink OGs, Puma reveals he hasn’t been able to keep up with his duties because he found out his son is on the spectrum for autism.

The tears start flowing from Puma’s eyes as he shares the news. Both Ted and Ceaser comfort him, and the episode ends.

You can peep reactions to the season ten premiere of Black Ink Crew in the gallery below.

Courtesy VH1 / Black Ink Crew

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