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Ryan Hints At 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' Coming To An End

Source: Bernard Smalls / Ryan

In the season 7 finale of Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Ryan and the crew seem to be splitting, hinting that this could be the end of Black Ink Crew: Chicago.

Ryan Might Need A New Crew of Artists

While home browsing with Miss Kitty, Draya tells her apprentice about her failed reunion with her dad. She also brings up that her Uncle’s wife is dealing with severe health issues, and now she is considering moving to Virginia to be closer to him or relocating to New York City to be with her sister.

Phor and Prince link up, and he tells Prince that he has officially decided to move to Dallas and will be back and forth between his new home and Atlanta, dealing with Nina and his son.

Prince has news himself. He’s ready to open up a tattoo shop with his brother because he wants to have a legacy to hand off to his son.

The main conclusion is that everyone will have a much-needed conversation before deciding to make these new moves.

Ryan’s Day-One Artists Are Feeling Some Way

Draya, Prince, and Don are considering moving on from 9 MAG, and Ryan’s core artists, who we don’t see on the show, seem to be revolting.

B. Slam reveals that Ryan wants to hold a sale event to increase foot traffic in the shop, which sounds good, but things quickly go left. Jet, one of Ryan’s day-one artists in the show, throws a  fit because he is not feeling how production is treating him after they told him to turn down his music.

Jet isn’t the only 9 MAG artist who is not a part of the show’s filming that has issues with the production team.

The passionate tattoo artist also feels like he and the other artists who don’t film do not get the promotions that are only going to the artists who take part in the filming of Black Ink Crew: Chicago.

B. Slam calls Ryan to tell him what is going down, and he says a mandatory staff meeting is going down to help clear the air.

No More Black Ink Crew: Chicago?

It’s time for the staff meeting Jet doesn’t bite his tongue. He feels the show is no longer necessary and scares away customers and other artists.

Ryan feels the dialogue with the crew was good and is considering everything after holding the meeting.

It’s the night of Phor’s going away dinner, and things get emotional after Ryan gives Phor a gift consisting of photos taken during their time together.

Ryan is also thrown for a loop when Prince reveals he is opening a tattoo/piercing shop, and Draya is leaving Chicago to be with her Uncle, news he did not want to hear as he is currently dealing with the bills backing up.

That didn’t kill the celebratory mood of the night, as they all came together to say goodbye to Phor.

During their final confessionals, Ryan reveals he is considering no longer filming in the shop to appease his longtime artists. Don and Ashley are determined to fix their marriage, and Phor is excited about his future.

We shall see if Black Ink Crew: Chicago will be back. We are willing to bet Ryan and the crew will be on our television screens again.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / Ryan

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