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Black Ink Crew: Chicago: Ryan Hints Changes Coming To 9 MAG

Source: VH1 / Black Ink Crew: Chicago

This week on Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Don and Ashely go to therapy to scream at each other some more. Ryan is tired of paying all the bills while his employees are no shows and Draya’s meeting with her dad was a mess.

Draya & Prince Take A Trip To The Big Apple

After deciding it’s time to meet her absent father, Draya and Prince hop on a plane and head to NYC. Of course, Draya is nervous about meeting her biological father, but thankfully she has Prince there for moral support.

Immediately the trip hits a sour note when a meeting with family members Draya has never met flops. Draya’s sister, Anastacia, is the only person that shows up. She tearfully revealed everyone flaked because they didn’t want to be on camera. Draya is big mad because she told them they could meet up without the cameras rolling, so this sounds like an excuse.

They visit the Ceaser-less Black Ink Brooklyn to lift her spirits, and the crew welcomes them with open arms, even giving them booths to work out of. Prince and Draya decide to work together on a tattoo, which brings some joy to Draya.

Don & Phor Break Bread About Their Relationship Issues

After last week’s blowup with Ashley, Don links up with Phor to vent. He tells his brother he feels Ashley is failing him as a wife because she won’t “recharge” him. What he means is that he wants Ashley to uplift him more and acknowledge all of the hard work he does to support her and their family.

But, he is happy that Ashley has agreed to join him in a therapy session in hopes they can talk about their issues.

Things are not any better on Phor’s side. He tells Don that he is still sad about Nina and Phorever moving to Atlanta, but on the bright side, he is officially moving to Dallas. Don tells his brother he is proud of how mature he was about Nina’s move to Atlanta.

Don & Ashley’s Therapy Session Turns Into A Shouting Match

The couple made the critical first step of landing on a therapist’s couch, but Don and Ashley have many issues they need to work through.

Asley’s most significant issue with her husband is that she feels like an afterthought to Don and not the priority. Don worries the couple will not find a middle ground that could end their marriage.

Ashley and the therapist feel that based on his words alone, Don is considering a separation, with Ashley adding that she feels like Don is pushing her away.

Don also feels neglected by his wife, adding that Ashley focuses on the kids more than she does him. Don says Ashley is a great mother but is flopping when it comes to being a wife, which triggers another shouting match between the couple.

The therapist gets out of her seat to get Don’s attention and calm things down. She tells Don and Ashley that the only time they are honest with each other is when they yell at each other, a clear sign they don’t know each other.

Once cooler heads prevail, Don and Ashley say they love each other and want to stay married.

Prince Wants To Open A Tattoo Shop Not Affiliated With 9 MAG

Prince is thinking big after Draya bought him new tattoo equipment. While in New York, Prince decides to stop by Puma’s shop, Art 2 Ink, and he is impressed that Puma can run a shop not affiliated with Black Ink.

Prince tells Puma that he wants to open a shop with his brother, who is also a tattoo artist and doesn’t want it to be affiliated with 9 MAG. Puma gives him some encouragement and tells him he can make it happen.

Ryan Hints At Changes Coming To 9 MAG

Last week, Ryan expressed frustration to his mother that his employees are not taking their jobs seriously, and that anger carries over into this week’s episode.

Speaking with Draya’s apprentice and his former boo, Miss Kitty, Ryan points to all the empty booths and brings up how his artists are either late or don’t show up at all, leaving him to work harder to pay all of the bills.

Ryan tells Kitty that his employee’s behavior will lead to unexpected but necessary changes that they will not be happy with because he is tired of being left with the bills.

Draya’s Meeting With Her Dad Is A Dub

The meeting that Draya has been extremely nervous about does not go as well as she hoped. Draya hoped her dad would be a man and own up to his mistakes by not actively looking for her.

Instead, he refuses to take accountability, claiming he did make an effort to locate her, but Draya is not buying it and tearfully begs him to be honest and admit he messed up.

Draya’s dad eventually apologizes for being absent from her life. Still, it’s not enough for Draya, and she reveals during her confessional that it’s going to be a while before she can be in the same room with him, but she does love him.


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