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Don & Ashley's Marriage Hits Another Rough Patch

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On this week’s episode of Black Ink Crew: Chicago, the men of 9 MAG, are all going through it.

Ryan, Don & Phor Open Up About Their Issues

The episode opens up with Ryan, Don, and Phor catching up with each other following game night that went left after Van showed up.

Don felt the conversation between Ryan and Van needed to happen. Still, the 9 MAG owner thinks otherwise, revealing he had no intentions of ever speaking with Van after having to pay for his expensive struggle tattoo and Van’s petty moves by linking up with Ceaser when the tattoo shop moguls were beefing.

Ryan admits that it was a big mistake ever being friends with Van and having him in his close circle.

Don reveals that he and Ashley have again hit a rough patch in their marriage. Don has been talking to a therapist to deal with it, but Ashely has not. Don feels they both need to sit with a therapist to deal with their issues.

It’s no better for Phor, who is still having issues with Nina, telling Ryan and Don that they are barely speaking except regarding matters with their son.

Draya Comes Through For Prince

Prince is also down bad after his car was stolen along with his tattoo equipment. He is in for a big surprise after Draya surprises him with a new tattoo machine, and he is very thankful for it.

He also decides to buy a new car, this time opting for something more subtle in hopes that it won’t attract thieves. What it does garner is laughs from the crew who have jokes about his new car, which he named Lisa because he said the name is boring, like his new whip.

Ryan Is Fed Up With His Employees

It’s not easy being the boss. During a conversation with his mom, Ryan reveals that things are not going smoothly at the new 9 MAG. Ryan went out of his way to hire a bunch of new artists so he could spend less time at the shop and more time with his sons. Unfortunately, that is not the case because some employees are not showing up to work or showing up late, forcing him to pick up their slack.

Ryan’s mom tells him it’s time he put his foot down and reminds her son that they are his employees first and not his friends and that he needs to start firing the people who are not holding up their end of the bargain.

Don & Ashley Clash Over Her Dreams

Don and Ashley seemed to have put all of their past issues (primarily due to Don) behind them, but now they are back in a rough patch. Don has been working on making his dreams and goals come to fruition, whether acting, opening the gym, or becoming a professional bodybuilder. Ashley has been there to support him, but when it comes to her, she feels the energy is not reciprocated.

Ashley tells Don that she wants to pursue a career in the medical field, specifically as a nurse. Don is here for it but suggests she lays a plan out, and he will be supportive. Ashely is not trying to hear that because she doesn’t have to do all of that when it comes to supporting Don.

During his green screen interview, Don reveals the only reason he wants Ashley to have a plan is that she has a habit of starting things and not seeing them through.

After going back and forth for a couple of minutes, Don decides to bounce, Ashely follows him, and the discourse continues outside. Don eventually hops in his car and leaves.

Nina Takes Phorever To Atlanta

After numerous clashes, Nina decides it would not be a good idea for her to move to Dallas with Phor. Instead, she will take herself and Phorever to Atlanta.

Phor is unhappy with the decision but understands that he can’t change her mind. It’s moving day, and things get very emotional as Phor and Nina both shed tears as they pack up her things to help her hit the road. Phor does tell her that if things get tricky for her and Phorever, he will be the one to come to her and help, and she appreciates that.

You can peep reactions to the episode in the gallery below.

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