black ink crew chicago

This week on Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Don and Ashely go to therapy to scream at each other some more. Ryan is tired of paying all the bills while his employees are no shows and Draya’s meeting with her dad was a mess.

This week on Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Don heads to Dallas to see his daughter. Phor comes along with him as he contemplates whether or not a change of scenery will benefit him.  Ryan Heads To Dubai For A Crypto Convention The episode opens up with the 9 MAG crew celebrating the end of construction […]

This week on Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Phor and Nina still have issues they need to work out despite getting along in the co-parenting department. Don wants to help Ryan get a boo.

Was Ryan robbed? Many viewers believe he should have won the Battle of The Tattoo Titans competition during the Black Ink Crew finale.

This week's episode of  Black Ink Crew was relatively drama-free, with Ceaser uniting the crews of Chicago and Compton for a good cause. 

We already knew, but we finally get to hear Ryan and Miss Kitty confirm their worst-kept secret.

There was plenty of drama on this week's episode of Black Ink Crew: Chicago.