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Twitter Feel Ryan Won The Battle of The Tattoo Titans On 'Black Ink Crew'

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Last week on Black Ink Crew, Ceaser united the Black Ink crews, and Tatti avoided major jail time. Now it’s time for the Battle of The Tattoo Titans in a drama-less season finale. 

The Ladies Came To Represent, Spyder Flops

The three bosses, Ryan Henry, Ceaser, and KP, break down the competition rules for their tattoo artists and explain the first round will have the artists doing butterfly tattoos.

Spyder, of course, runs his big mouth, but when it was all said and done flops claiming he couldn’t do a better tattoo because he couldn’t do colors on dark skin. Ceaser is wildly annoyed with his lead tattoo artist because they all just sat down with a Black tattoo artist specializing in doing color tattoos on Black skin, so he is embarrassed. But there is a bright spot, KP, Ryan, and Ceaser agree that Krystal’s butterfly was the best tattoo, and she advances to the next round.

The second round required the artists to draw tattoos using an eye and for this round, Bae and Draya came out on top, setting a final featuring the ladies of Black Ink. In the final round, the ladies are tasked with doing a flower tattoo, but this time they can’t consult with the client and only have an hour to complete the tattoo. When the dust settled, Black Ink Crew: Chicago’s Draya came out on top earning the first-ever Black Ink Tattoo Titan.

The Three Bosses Battle It Out

Ceaser reveals that the three Black Ink bosses will also have their own contest to close out the competition.  The rule for them is that they have to freehand their tattoos. Former Black Ink Crew: Chicago star Kat is revealed to be a guest judge joining, Draya and Bae to determine who wins the competition.

Our money was on Ryan to win it all, but in the end, shockingly, Ceaser walks away with the bragging rights. How fitting the one show that does the least tattoos is the one who had the best night during the battle. Congrats to Ceaser though, even though we think the competition was rigged.

You can peep reactions to the season finale in the gallery below.

Photo: Marcus Ingram / Getty

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