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Black Ink Crew: Chicago Recap: Don & Phor Head To Dallas

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz 

This week on Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Don heads to Dallas to see his daughter. Phor comes along with him as he contemplates whether or not a change of scenery will benefit him. 

Ryan Heads To Dubai For A Crypto Convention

The episode opens up with the 9 MAG crew celebrating the end of construction in the shop with a Chicago-themed celebration. Don reveals to Ryan and Phor that he intends on flying to Dallas because he can’t get in contact with his daughter’s mother.

Phor tells his brother he will accompany him to Dallas because he has some business to handle there. Ryan tells the brothers that he will also leave town to head to a crypto convention in Dubai.

We later learn why Ryan was more than likely not featured in this episode.

Draya Gets A Taste of Chicago

Shogun and the crew decide to take Draya for a real Chicago experience to help her feel like she is home. They hit a glizzy (hot dog) spot to order some authentic Chi-town wieners. The crew bonds and Draya enjoys the experience and considers them to be her family since she feels like she doesn’t have much of one.

At the shop, Brittany Slam and Prince get into a prank war. After initially gaining the upper hand, B-Slam gets the last laugh when she sets him up with a weird client who wants to get his sex doll tattooed. Prince is weirded out, but he still does the tattoo anyway.

Don and Phor Head To Dallas

The brothers arrive in Dallas and immediately split. Don goes to check on his daughter. When Don comes at the apartment, he is disappointed to find out that nobody is home. Eventually, he did connect with his daughter’s mother and was able to spend time with his daughter, but per request from his daughter’s mom, the cameras could not follow. Don feels his baby mama is doing all of that out of spite.

Phor, on the other hand, has property out there, even his own shop, and while he is in town, does a tattoo for a client. During the session, Phor reveals that he is considering moving to Dallas and is using the trip to figure out if that’s what he wants to do.

Don and Phor link up to look at some potential properties that can be the home of Phor’s new studio. Phor reveals to Don his intentions that he wants to move, and Don is supportive of whatever move Phor makes.

Phor Invites Van Out So They Can Catch Up

On their last night in Dallas, Phor and Don decide to hit the club to celebrate a bit. Things get interesting when former 9 MAG employee Van shows up. Phor later reveals that he called Van and told him to meet them at the club. The conversation quickly gets serious when Phor asks Van why he covered up his 9 MAG tattoo.

This is the real reason Ryan wanted nothing to do with this episode

Van tells Phor it was nothing personal, just him wanting to distance himself from 9 MAAG following the fallout. Both Phor and Don understand.

Van also reveals that he and Ryan are still not speaking, but if allowed to fix their friendship, he would take it.

Of course, social media had thoughts on the episode. You can peep the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

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