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Black Ink Crew: Chicago Recap: Phor & Nina Still Have Issues

Source: Courtesy VH1 / Black Ink Crew: Chicago

This week on Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Phor and Nina still have issues they need to work out despite getting along in the co-parenting department. Don wants to help Ryan get a boo.

Phor & Nina Are Fine With Just Co-parenting

While plugging his new project aptly titled Phorplay, Phor stopped by the Kendra G radio show. We don’t really care about his music, so the conversation shifted toward his love life, and he reveals to the radio host that he is single and that co-parenting is going well with his son’s mother, Nina.

He also revealed to Kendra G that he’s planning on holding a lingerie listening party to celebrate the project and to give his fans and friends a taste of his new music.

Don Wants To Help Ryan Find Love

Back at the shop, his brother Don worries about Ryan and thinks the 9 MAG owner is overworked and needs some love from the opposite sex. He invites Ryan on a double date with he and Ashley, but little does Ryan know that Don has a whole plan behind this “blind date.”

Ryan’s date, Devyn, is a matchmaker, and Don wants her to help Ryan figure out the type of woman he wants and needs in his life.

Speaking with Devyn, Ryan has no idea he is being analyzed and reveals to her that he has not been in a relationship for four years. After the “date,” Devyn reveals to Ryan that she is actually a matchmaker, and he explains to her that his business and family keep him from prioritizing finding love. Still, he would embrace it if it happened.

Nina Shows Up To The Lingerie Party

Phor’s lingerie listening party is popping, and everyone is there. Phor invited Nina after discovering it on Instagram, but he didn’t know that she invited their neighbor to attend with her. When Nina pops up, she is not too happy to see Phor flirting with Draya.

Phor has made it clear he has the hots for his coworker, and Draya thinks he is attractive, but she is hesitant to give him some play because it still seems something is going on between Phor and Nina.

Yes and no.

Nina revealed during a confessional that she and Phor had sex, but they are no longer doing relationship-type activities, and she is okay with having sex with other people.

You couldn’t tell by her reaction when she saw Phor and Draya. But at the same time, she is not the only one salty. Phor gets in his feelings when he sees his baby momma in her lingerie, talking with the neighbor she came with. Phor is unhappy that she invited someone to his event without permission.

In next week’s episode, Phor and Nina’s issues will take center stage. Until then, you can peep Twitter reactions to this week’s Black Ink Crew: Chicago episode.

Photo: Courtesy VH1 / Black Ink Crew: Chicago

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