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#BlackInkChi Recap: Twitter Thinks Phor Doesn't Wan't To Be With Nina

Source: Courtesy VH1 / Black Ink Crew: Chicago

Last week we caught back up with the crew after some time off. The premiere episode saw Ryan finally have a much-needed conversation with Anthony, his former best friend. Episode two picks up where that conversation left off before heading into this week’s drama.

Ryan Takes Ownership of His Past Aint Sh*tness

The conversation between Anthony and Ryan was a long-winded shouting match between two grown men who don’t know how to express their feelings adequately. Finally, during Monday (Oct.11) night’s episode, Ryan got to the point. Henry admitted to Anthony that he doesn’t know why he chose to sleep with Anthony’s baby mama. Still, he does admit to having a penchant for hurting people close to him, basically owning his ain’t sh*tness.

Ryan also admitted that he didn’t go into the conversation attempting to fix their friendship but felt Anthony needed to hear him apologize. After the intense discussion, cooler heads eventually prevail. Anthony gets emotional after Ryan FINALLY says sorry, and the two men agree more conversations between them can happen. Henry did reveal to us in an interview that he and Anthony are no longer friends.

Charmaine & Draya Bury The Hatchet…For Now

Last week Miss Kitty hit the ground running after Charmaine tasked her with being 2nd City Inks Brand Ambassador. Kitty knows to be a successful tattoo shop, you need dope artists, and she has one person already in mind. The former Black Ink Crew New York cast member links up with Draya. For those who remember, Charmaine and Draya had a HUGE falling out at Charmaine’s baby shower after Draya used the moment to press her former boss for situations she was deeply concerned about, leading to her leaving the shop.

That situation is still fresh on  Draya’s mind, making her hesitant to come back, but she is willing to think about it after talking with Kitty. With one hurdle cleared, Kitty has to convince her boss that bringing back Draya is a good idea, and that’s not going to be easy.

Kitty calls Charmaine via FaceTime, and the conversation starts well. The mood shifts when Kitty suggests that she handles the hiring of new artists for 2nd City Ink. Charmaine quickly says aht, aht, aht, and lets Kitty know that she will be hiring the artists at her shop. Things got even weirder when Kitty revealed that she spoke with Draya. Charmaine was not happy to hear that and doesn’t want another Jess situation. But the door was left open for a conversation. Charmaine tells Kitty to stop by the shop for a much-needed discussion to gauge the temperature.

The conversation between Draya and Charmaine finally happens and surprisingly was not as contentious as we thought it would be. There were some fireworks, and the ladies expressed their differences while taking ownership of their mistakes in the situation. Draya eventually agreed to return to 2nd City Ink. So everything is good, for now.

Phor & Nina’s Relationship Is Shaky As Hell

We knew from the season premiere that Phor and his baby mama Nina were not seeing eye to eye. This week’s episode puts their relationship problems center stage. Nina takes issue with Phor staying out all times of the night and coming home late. Phor is irritated because he’s trying to explain to her that he’s coming home late from the studio. Nina says Phor isn’t only at the studio. He’s also out partying as well. Phor doesn’t see an issue with just living his life, but Nina points out that he fails to see that things have changed because he has a pregnant girlfriend at home worried about him. We also learned they had only been together a year before Nina got pregnant, which explains a lot cause they are still learning a lot about each other.

After failing to see where she is coming from, Nina gets upset and walks off but, Phor gets up to console her.

After speaking with Ryan and Don about what’s going on with Nina, Don thinks it would be a good idea for him to throw his brother a “dadchelor” party, his words not ours. The party of all men (two women, if you count the bartenders) was an absolute success, with Phor looking relaxed and finally enjoying the prospect of becoming a dad.

Phor and Don have no idea that their small gathering is about to be crashed by Don’s wife, Ashley, and Nina. When they arrive, Phor is not happy. Don quickly points out that he did not invite Ashley. At first, it seemed like Ashley and Nina would serve as mood killers. Surprisingly, Ashley was there to have some fun and shockingly was hoping to get a lap dance or something.

Phor and Nina took the opportunity to have a conversation. Phor tells Nina that he doesn’t want her mom in the delivery room when the baby is ready to arrive. Phor is still understandably BIG MAD at her after she sent him a very disparaging text message. Nina thinks Phor just needs to talk with her mom and express how he feels.

Phor links up with Nina and her mom at the nail salon. Nina’s mother, Jean, brings up the text message and says she didn’t mean to upset Phor but wanted to protect her daughter. Jean apologizes to Phor, and he accepts. Now you would think that would be the end of the drama between Nina and Phor, right? Wrong

After suggesting Phor and Nina should live together, Phor reveals that he and Nina just are not on the same page and thinks they should take a step back in their relationship because they can’t stop arguing with each other. Phor accuses Nina of being too controlling, and Nina claims that Phor is afraid of being in a “structured relationship.”

Phor gets annoyed and walks off, and the episode ends.

Viewers, of course, had their own thoughts about the situation and believed the couple should split plus other reactions to the episode.

You can peep the reactions in the gallery below.

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