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#BlackInkChi: Twitter Reacts To Prince Going Off On Charmaine & Neek

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Ryan returns from his mental health sabbatical he embarked on last week’s episode, and Charmaine has an issue with another one of her artists on this week’s episode of Black Ink Crew: Chicago.

Ryan Thinks Steven Didn’t Fulfill Guest Spot Obligation

Last week’s episode took a more serious tone as Ryan decided to address his self-sabotaging ways. This week he returns and is thrust back into the madness that is Black Ink Crew: Chicago. Ryan decides to stop by 2nd City Ink to check up on his friend Charmaine who is fresh from laying her father to rest.

After Ryan thanks her for being at his therapy session, Charmaine reveals she too might need to sit down and talk with a therapist to help her deal with losing both her parents. Charmaine also breaks down the drama in her shop after the failed gathering, where Ryan hoped the crew could talk about and overcome whatever issues they had. We all know that was a dub with Charmaine accusing Prince of cheating on her friend with her former employee Draya. Charmaine admits she was wrong for bringing that up publicly at the dinner, BUT she is not backing down for speaking up for her friend.

Ryan returns to 9 MAG, and he shares what Charmaine told him about the drama going on between herself and Prince. Ryan then shifts his attention to Steven and asks Don if he has been working? Don reveals that the only time Steven has been around was when the cameras were filming. Outside of that, he has not been in the shop. The news immediately pisses Ryan off.

Steven eventually shows up and enters the conversation like nothing is wrong. He then reveals that he is planning on heading back home, which causes Ryan to react. Ryan and Steven decided to take the heated discussion to his office. Ryan believes Steven is letting his “friendship” interfere with Kitty interfere with him making money. Steven disagrees and doesn’t think it’s that serious because he didn’t plan on staying in Chicago that long anyway. Steven eventually apologizes to Ryan for misleading him, and the two men squash whatever disagreement they had.

Prince Goes Ham on Charmaine & Neek

Charmaine is trying to get back to a good place. Charmaine finally lets the cat out of the bag that she is pregnant with baby no.2 but feels conflicted because of how eery it feels that she loses a parent when she is about to have a child. After her conversation with Ryan, Charmaine links up with her best friend Miriah to talk about the situation with Prince.

Charmaine apologizes to Miriah for addressing the cheating allegations publicly. Miriah isn’t upset about this and confirms she had suspicions because Prince is always out late, constantly on FaceTime with Draya and at her house painting. Miriah reveals she hasn’t seen much of Prince either. Prince finally shows up. He’s just coming after hanging out with Kitty, Steven, and Draya, where he revealed he’s considering going to 9 MAG.

Prince is unhappy with Charmaine and feels she has not been a good friend despite being loyal to her and the shop. Charmaine vehemently disagrees and feels his loyalty has been in question since Draya returns to the shop. Prince feels Charmaine crossed the line when she spoke about his relationship with Miriah and acknowledged he didn’t pay his booth rent because he was waiting for an apology.

Charmaine fires back at Prince, saying he doesn’t respect her becuase she is a woman. After some intense yelling back and forth, Prince demands to talk to Charmaine’s husband, Neek. Of course, Neek sides with his wife and points out Prince not living up to his responsibilities as an employee. Prince is not feeling it and tosses Charmaine’s phone, and she fires him and kicks him out of the shop.

Prince leaves, and Miriam follows after him. The couple gets into an argument outside of the shop, and Miriam reveals that she is pregnant. Prince leaves, gets in his car, and speeds off, leaving his pregnant girlfriend crying. Miriam tells Prince’s brother, who happens to be a 2nd City Ink employee that Prince knows about the child and has been absent since finding out about the baby. Prince’s brother promises to talk to Prince, and the drama-filled episode comes to an end.

Of course, there were plenty of reactions to the intense episode. You can peep them all in the gallery below.

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