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Twitter Is Cancels Chris Pratt Because He Is Allegedly A Trump Supporter

Source: Albert L. Ortega / Getty

Chris Pratt is trending on Twitter, and it has nothing to do with a new Guardians of The Galaxy or Jurassic World flick.

The actor best known for his role as Star-Lord, the leader of the ragtag group of heroes, is getting dragged on Twitter once again. No, it’s not because he was the reason Thanos won in Avengers: Infinity War (which was already predetermined) but because of his political views.

The discussion around the actor begun after movie writer Amy Berg poised Twitter’s favorite question… “One has to go” comprising of four Hollywood actors named Chris: Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, Chris Evans, and Chris Pratt.

Without hesitation, everyone Thanos-snapped Chris Pratt out of the equation because he’s allegedly a Donald Trump-loving Republican.

Now, to be fair to Mr. Pratt, he has never openly copped to being down with MAGA like Kanye West, for example, and has donated to Barack Obama’s campaign back in 2012, according to Newsweek. Still, there have been some troubling signs that have given people cause for concern. He also claims to be an independent, stating he doesn’t rock with any party.

In an interview with Men’s Fitness magazine back in 2017, he told the publication, “I really feel there’s common ground out there that’s missed because we focus on the things that separate us.”

Pratt’s Avengers co-stars Don Cheadle, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Paul Rudd, Mark Ruffalo, and Zoe Saldana will be joining our future MVP (speaking it into existence) Senator Kamala Harris for a virtual fundraising event called “Voters Assemble,” that will assemble the cast of Marvel Studios films to “unite for democracy.” Pratt will be absent from that event.

There is also the issue that Pratt, who isn’t shy about his very religious views, might be harboring negative thoughts around certain groups.. Pratt’s worship place, Hillshore Church, was called out by Umbrella Academy star Ellen Page for allegedly being “anti-LGBTQ.” Pratt denied the accusations saying Page’s claims were “absolutely untrue,” and speaking with the BBC, stated:

“It has recently been suggested that I belong to a church which ‘hates a certain group of people’ and is ‘infamously anti-LGBTQ.’ Nothing could be further from the truth.”

“I go to a church that opens their doors to absolutely everyone.”

Then there was the time he was photographed wearing a t-shirt featuring the Gadsden flag and a rattlesnake  with the message “don’t tread on me.” According to, the phrase has become popular among gun-loving far-right political groups.

Now again, he hasn’t confirmed his allegiance to MAGA, but Twitter is not rocking with him at all.

Sorry, Star-Lord.

Photo: Albert L. Ortega / Getty

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