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DaBaby Tries To Kiss Fan & Gets Rejected, Twitter Reacts

Source: Denise Truscello / Getty

Whenever the DaBaby trends on social media lately, it’s never for something good.

The problematic North Carolina rapper became the subject of Twitter chatter after a video showed him getting rejected by a female fan he tried to plant a very unwanted kiss on. DaBaby, who is known for being welcoming when it comes to greeting his fans, was visibly shocked when the woman pushes his face away from hers as he tries to kiss her twice.

Reactions to the video began hitting timelines ranging from people not feeling the rapper’s disgusting behavior or feeling sorry for his PR team and lawyers.

DaBaby gotta have a list of all the ways to be super unlikable and just crossing shit off as he goes,” one Twitter user wrote while sharing the viral clip. 

DaBaby attempting to sexually assault one of his fans*,” another user tweet read while sharing the video. 

dababy has somehow managed to stay relevant for literally everything but his music lmaoo,” another Twitter user accurately pointed out. 

Whatever the case, DaBaby has yet to talk about the situation, but we won’t be shocked if he does eventually break his silence via his Instagram Stories.

This latest incident joins a long list of questionable behavior the rapper has been called out for. Just recently he came under fire for saying, “I don’t discriminate. Pull your t–ties out if you love DaBaby,” during a pre-Grammy performance at Drais Beach Club in Las Vegas.

You can peep more reactions to the fan epically curving DaBaby in the gallery below.

Photo: Denise Truscello / Getty

1. LOL

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3. Pray for them.

4. He just can’t seem to help himself