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Presidential Candidate And Former President Donald Trump Attends Sneaker Con To Launch His New Shoe Line

Source: Chip Somodevilla / Getty

What does Donald Trump, who just got fined for a cool $355M by the state of New York, have to do with sneaker culture? We’ll wait…

Despite the answer being “absolutely nothing,” the former President of the United States—and who allegedly tried to spark an insurrection after he lost the elction—took to his bandooloo social media app, Truth Social, to announce he would be attending Sneaker Con in Philadelphia on Saturday, February 17.

No it was not a photoshop as Sneaker Con offered up a cryptic statement that said nothing about Cheeto actually attending the event. Just some malarky about sneaker culture being all-inclusive. “Sneaker Con’s mission is to support and promote sneaker culture through our worldwide live events and digital platforms.” read the statement.
”We are thankful and appreciative of the sneaker community, and recognize individuals who generate awareness and authentic sneaker related engagement towards our community.”

We’ll go out on the limb and say sneakerheads aren’t generally with the hate, racism, sexism and all-around tomfoolery Citizen Trump promotes, though. However, the sneaker detective are on the case, noting that reportedly a Sneaker Con co-founder, Alan Vinogradov, has donated to the Trump campaign. Jig is up.

As word got around sneaker culture that Trump would tarnish Sneaker Con with his presence, people were not too happy, letting everyone, including the organizers know. Good look digging out of this hole. Case in point, The Daily Beast reports that Sneaker Con had to turn off their comments.

As if folk taking L’s on that Air Jordan Bred 4’s drop on Saturday wasn’t bad enough. Peep some of the more animated reactions in the gallery.

1. scammer vibes

2. the struggle.