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Donna Reveals She Is Done With 'Black Ink Crew' In Season 9 Premiere

Source: VH1 / Black Ink Crew

Black Ink Crew is back, and so is the drama we tune in for every week.

Ceaser Makes Some Changes, Still Is On The Outs With His Daughter

It’s a new season, so of course, there will be some new changes, whether they work out for the better is another thing. The premiere opens up with Ceaser and the gang actually doing some good and getting New Yorkers signed up to get vaccinated by offering them FREE tattoos, so good for them.

Now that the good is out of the way, it’s time to hop in the mess that is Black Ink Crew. Ceaser reveals that he is still beefing with his daughter Cheyenne and her mother, Crystal. His baby mama is not missing any opportunities to hop on social media and drag him, plus he still can’t get in touch with Cheyenne because he still has an open CPS case in New York City.

On the relationship front, Krystal and Rok are going strong. That’s if you care, of course. There have also been some staff changes at the shop. Walter is no longer an employee of Black Ink after dipping his hand into the cookie jar, aka the register, and Donna is gone due to her toxic behavior. If you need a refresher, the crew, more specifically Bae, was not feeling a comment her ex-bestie left under a Shaderoom post about the spa shooting in Atlanta in 2021, and her abusive behavior towards Alex was a huge no-no as well. Donna has also been liking all of Crystal’s posts about Ceaser on Instagram, so, of course, the tattoo shop mogul doesn’t want that toxic energy in his shop.

Speaking of Alex, the tattoo artist formerly known as the “vagina slayer” is back. He copped pleas with Ceaser and the crew because he needed his job back. He also claims that his relationship with Donna is not abusive, saying that he exaggerated things between himself and Donna, explaining one of the cuts above his lip happened from shaving. Whether Ceaser and co believe him is another story, BUT he does get to come back to the shop. However, Donna is still no longer welcomed due to her behavior and failure to take responsibility whenever she messes up.

Alex hits Big Momma on FaceTime to break the bad news, and she gets emotional because she feels the crew is pushing her out. Welp.

Oh, we almost forgot, Tatti finally got the promotion she always wanted, becoming the manager of the 125th shop because Walter is gone. Ceaser might be looking for a new manager very soon.

Tatti Is In Legal Trouble Again, Ceaser Meets With His Lawyer

Tatti should be celebrating, but she is BIG WORRIED that she could be heading to jail. We quickly learn that her happy home isn’t so happy after all. Two people have moved out, and allegedly, Tattia has been allowing her P.O. box to be used in a drug trafficking ring. Authorities believe someone has been sending booger sugar (cocaine) to her crib, and she is afraid to share this news out of the fear of losing her newly gained position.

Yeah, that’s what she should be worried about, not about going to jail for years, but her job at a dysfunctional tattoo shop.

Ceaser meets with his lawyer and accuses Crystal of cyberbullying him. His lawyer suggests a lawsuit might be his best course of action to make her quit. He will eventually reveal to the crew that he will be holding a press conference to announce that he will be taking legal action against Crystal, a decision that his cousin Ted will have a problem with on next week’s episode.

Spyda Takes His Frustration Out On Rok & Crystal

Mr always doing the most for television, Spyda, is getting a storyline this season and not just being a butt kisser. We learn Black Ink Brooklyn’s anchor is going through some medical issues involving chronic pain with his jaw and neck. His wife sets up an appointment with a specialist to find out what’s going on, but Spyda is scared he will receive some bad news during his visit, fearing that it could keep him away from his family, forcing them to survive without him. His wife reassures him that everything is going to be alright.

That frustration seems to be boiling over to work as well. Despite seemingly squashing their “beef,” Spyda still feels a way about Krystal and Rok and immediately shows when they show up to the Brooklyn shop. Spyda immediately begins taking shots at the couple. Rok learned his lessons when it comes to sticking up for his woman, opting to put hands and possibly feet on Spyder, leading to season 9’s first tense moment in the shop. They manage to get Spyder and Rok to calm down, but the tentative peace subsides after Krystal starts crying because of her anxiety.

After a conversation with Spyder, Ceaser feels something is definitely going on with Spyder because he has never seen him act like that before. Ceaser decides to put on his boss hat, sending Rok and Krystal to 125th and keeping Spyder at the Brooklyn shop for the sake of peace.

Donna Decides She Is Done With Black Ink

After finally speaking with Bae via FaceTime, the two former buddies decide it’s time to meet up for a much-needed conversation. The meeting starts off tense, but Bae can finally get her grievances about Donna’s comments and behavior out. Finally shutting up and listening, Donna understands that she hurt Bae but points out that was never her intention and apologizes.

Donna also points out that she is only cool with Bae, but it’s a wrap when it comes to everyone else. Donna decides that she will no longer want to be on the show, and the episode ends.

We have a feeling she will be back, eventually.

Of course, there were plenty of reactions to the season premiere. You can peep them all in the gallery below.

Photo: VH1 / Black Ink Crew

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