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2015 Lil Weezyana Festival

Drake and Lil Wayne have been in the musical spotlight for years and have dozens of songs that few people could commit to memory with perfection. So it was baffling to see fans overreact to the revelation that Drake and Lil Wayne employed a teleprompter during a recent concert.

Drake and Lil Wayne joined together onstage during a weekend stop in Sunrise, Fla. for the Canadian superstar’s It’s All A Blur tour. The pair performed the track “Right Above It,” which was a single on Tunechi’s 2010 album, I Am Not A Human Being. It was also the theme song for the HBO sports drama Ballers featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Fans who either attended the show or saw footage noticed that a teleprompter was used to help the two keep pace with the song, and it doesn’t appear that Drizzy or Weezy skipped a beat during their set. That said, a passionate debate was sparked with many wondering if the use of teleprompters during a Hip-Hop concert was a new thing.

Of course, when you’re trying to deliver a perfect set for paying fans, you want to stick the landing and why wouldn’t an artist use every technical advantage to make sure attendees are getting their money’s worth? R&B singers do this all the time and given the bodies of work both of these major artists have produced, they’re certainly not going to remember a song they recorded more than 14 years ago.

We’ve got the reactions from fans on X, formerly Twitter, debating the finer points of using a teleprompter for some odd reason. It’s all pretty silly if you ask us but hey.


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1. Mans deleted the tweet but he was flabbergasted.

2. A person with some sense.




6. Faceless avis always with the bad takes.


8. People are delusional.

9. Mans whole brand is being salty.

10. Again, another person with sense.