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Drake Debuts New Slick Hairstyle, Twitter Immediately Clowns Him

Source: MediaNews Group/Bay Area News via Getty Images / Getty

Drake is making his hair a talking point along with his hits and tattoos, and his latest hairstyle has the internet talking.

Apparently, the only thing sticky right now is Drake’s hair. Like his flow and accents, Drake loves to switch up his hair. This week, the Honestly, Nevermind crafter debuted his slicked-back shag to his 120 million Instagram followers. While not giving any reasoning behind the new do, the rapper left it up to his friends and fans to give his new persona a name.

His famous rapper friends did oblige. Quavo quickly dubbed him “RAZOR AUBREY RAMONE aka SCOTT HALL,” a nod to the late WWE Hall-of-Famer, while Riff Raff pointed out, “You about 3 months shy of a Million Dollar Mullet I see what you doin. RiCõ Rackeroni.”

Keeping the fun going, Drake decided to let his fans in on the process that brought his hairdo to life that would make the late crooner Barry White proud.

This latest look for Drizzy joins the rapper’s growing list of interesting hairstyles. To plug his album Certified Lover Boy, Drake debuted a heart-shaped part in his hair, unfortunately, emulated by many. Then he switched things up by breaking out cornrows, along with his long Adonis. Don’t ask us how he attained them so quickly. That remains a mystery.

Drake Loves Updating His Look

Drake’s choices to alter his physical appearance have been the talk of the internet lately. He most recently updated his collection of random body art with his new tattoo on his face honoring his mother.

We honestly think this look is for an upcoming music video. You know Drake loves being in character for his visuals. It’s the actor in him.

Of course, Twitter has thoughts about Drake’s hairstyle, all hilarious jokes, and accurate assessments.

We combed the timeline looking for the best reactions, so you don’t have to. You can peep them in the gallery below.

Photo: MediaNews Group/Bay Area News via Getty Images / Getty

1. He damn sure is.

2. Accurate

3. L O L