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Congratulations are in order since influencer and model Draya Michele revealed that she is pregnant. However, the social media slander is rapidly escalating since many are pointing out that there is a 17- year age gap been her soon to be baby daddy, NBA player Jalen Green, who is 22.

It was long-rumored that the pair was a couple and per 2024 IG model protocol, Michele took to IG to reveal she and Green had a bun in the oven. While bigging up International Women’s Day, she dropped a heartfelt message along with glamour shots of her and her baby bump.

“As women, we navigate through so much, often leading us to question, ‘What is my purpose?’ For me, the magic lies in motherhood and the awe-inspiring ability to bring life into this world over the span of two decades. It’s my superpower. And if anything can surpass the wonder of being a woman, it’s the privilege of bringing another woman into existence 🎀.

“We are overjoyed to share our love for you, little girl. I’m am excited to speak words to the daughter I never thought I’d have. We are anxious about your arrival, but take your time — this world can be tough. But know you are being brought into a space of love, security, and adornment. #28weeks #7months #comingMay2024 #girlmom”

We sincerely hope the rest of her pregnancy goes smoothly. However, we’d be remiss not to mention the peak slander she and Green are getting hit with on IG. While at 22, and with that pro contract, Green is a grown ass man, many are questioning the motives of Michele, likening having a child with the much younger man as her retirement plan.

There is also the double standard jig considering if their ages were reversed, Mr. Green would be labeled a predator. And, she allegedly has a son who is the same age as Green, so there’s that.

Don’t shoot the messenger, we’ve collected some of the wildest reactions, for archival purposes.


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