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Erica Mena Clowned For Saying She Looks Younger Than 90s Babies

Source: Matteo Marchi / Getty

These reality tv stars just love to make a fool out of themselves on social media. Case in point, Erica Mena (31) felt the need to brag about herself and her fiance and fur connoisseur Safaree (37) “young looks” in a picture they took together she shared on her Twitter account. The post didn’t go over to well, and the couple dragged as expected.

Now we would be lying if we didn’t say they are a good looking couple, but Erica Mena was definitely doing entirely too much. At least that’s the consensus on social media when she deposited the photo on her timeline yesterday with the over the top caption: “We Look younger than you 90’s babies. Absolutely.”

Mind you they are also dressed like an old ass couple who refuse to accept their age, but that’s neither here or there. Regardless, Erica Mena invited herself and her boo Safaree to a dragging he didn’t ask for with users quick to focus in on her hands as well as their clothing. Understandably in the world of reality television, especially in the Love & Hip Hop ethos, everyone is afraid to look “old” opting to get all kinds of surgery to preserve their youthful looks but if she said the look great for their age and they honestly do.

Mena has been on a mission to prove that both her and Samuels are still going strong despite rumors of the couple splitting. She even shared a video of Minaj’s ex in his underwear showing off his “legendary” man parts.

Welp, it’s too late now, and Twitter is sending Mena a reminder, you can hit the gallery below to see all the darts in the form of Tweets threw the couples way.

Photo: Matteo Marchi / Getty