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Florida A&M University entrance sign.

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Florida A&M University, affectionately known as FAMU, owns the noble distinction of being one of the top HBCUs in the nation. However, FAMU Rattlers are shaking their heads after a graduating student posted a nude photo at a sacred site on the sprawling campus.

FAMU student Terica Williams (@tericastar) recently obtained her master’s degree in education and, like any other proud student, wanted to hold a photo shoot at the university to celebrate her big win. Ms. Williams took things up a notch and posed nude in front of FAMU’s famed Rattlers statute with a message for those who might question her bold choice.

From Terica Star’s Instagram:

Anybody who knows me knows that I’ve been dressing provocative my whole life. There’s a lot of assumptions that have came with me accepting my body. A lot of people questioned my capabilities and intelligence solely based on how I choose to dress. As I’m standing here with my Masters Degree at the tender age of 24, I am the living proof that clothes do not define you. I encouraged every body to embrace their bodies and step outside social norms.

With love,
Terica Williams, M.Ed

As it stands, Williams isn’t ashamed about flaunting her curves at the foot of the statue and is using the moment to call awareness to body positivity. While some have celebrated Williams’ bold choice, many from the FAMU lineage believe that the act was disrespectful and put a stain on what the university stands for. Others are noting that FAMU president Larry Robinson will have some choice words for Williams and any other student getting bright ideas about baring their backsides at the statute.

On Twitter, FAMU students from both the past and present have plenty to say. Check out the reactions below. We’d share the photo but we’re not trying to show bare booty cheeks. If you seek, ye shall find.

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