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Future‘s in love and it seems that his toxic traits have found a new place to reside-on social media targeting his newly confirmed sixth baby mama, Eliza Reign.

On Thursday (May 21), one week after releasing his highly anticipated album, High Off Life, Future‘s “high” didn’t remain for long after he took to Twitter to attack his newly acquired baby mama. The seemingly unprovoked verbal attack went down three-weeks after Eliza Reign won her first court battle against Future in their paternity suit winning a whopping $53,000 a month in child support, but the two are headed back to court after Eliza claims that Future has been on a smear campaign to make her look bad-evident by his toxic tweetstorm that took place later that evening-and for not seeing his 1-year-old daughter, at all.

Despite tweetstorm starting off cryptic, it wasn’t long before fans realized that Future was talking about Eliza Reign after the “Mask Off” rapper began to offer his “advice” on dating.

After realizing that Future was tweeting from his feelings, fans decided to weigh in on the situation and many were speaking out in a way that the “wasn’t expecting.

Although Twitter came with the jokes, Future’s bitter Twitter fingers kept going as he continued to have a subtweet conversation about his baby mama–with himself.

Although Future was spitting bitter vibes in her direction, Eliza Reign seemed to remain positive, posting a response to her Instastory calling for women to “stick together.”

“In all seriousness, as women, we must stick together and stand against abuse of any kind,” Eliza Reign wrote. “I’m not perfect. I’m a work in progress. We all are. But we all are beautiful, even when we fall short of other people’s expectations. Beauty shown the best from the inside. Don’t let no one, man or woman, make you feel less or that you don’t deserve everything you have and pray for.”

Even though the two have been trading shots at each other for months, it appears Eliza has risen above trolling the rapper on Instagram after having her day in court. Her last response on the matter for the time being called for peace instead of war for the sake of their child.

“War is not cute, I don’t want to wake up to lawsuits and filings daily. Especially over an innocent child. I miss the peace that I once had, but I also must do what I have to do to defend myself and my children. In America, we need to get over this culture of us women accepting abuse in silence.”

Check out what Black Twitter had to say below.