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Gucci Mane Called Out On Twitter For Praying His Haters Die From COVID-19

Source: Maddie Meyer / Getty

These rappers are making sure we have plenty to talk about during the coronavirus global pandemic. Gucci Mane is catching some serious flack for a tweet that many believe is making light of the very serious situation that the world is facing right now.

We don’t know what was going through Gucci Mane’s head at the time, but instead of using his energy to pray to the lord to remain healthy, he instead expressed he used the power tool to wish his hater dies from COVID-19. The rapper is currently catching a lot of heat for the Tweet that is surprisingly still up on his page that he sent on Easter Sunday of all days.

“I pray my haters die of corona virus,” the “I Get The Bag” rapper said.

To let his fans know that he was dead serious about what he said, he shared it on Instagram as well for good measure. That post is also still up despite many of his brothers from the Hip-Hop community frowning upon it. He even had the audacity to caption it “Happy Easter.”


Before this head*ss moment, Gucci has been praised tremendously due to turning his life around remarkably following his release from prison.  He got rid of the Gucci gut and seemingly became a more peaceful man shedding the persona that he was notoriously known for that landed him in the first place. Just recently, he even accepted responsibility for his beef with the toxic god, Future over Free Bricks 2: Zone 6 Edition.

But it would still seem that some of the old Gucci still lingers inside of him. The very offensive tweet comes on the heel of members of the Hip-Hop community catching the virus themselves. Fred The Godson, Slim Thug, and Scarface all revealed they were or still battling COVID-19.

We hope Gucci takes the posts down and issue an apology until then you can peep the reactions to his tweet in the gallery below.

Photo: Maddie Meyer / Getty