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In recent times, we’ve seen reports of rappers and other individuals taking to Instagram Live only to be shot and sometimes killed during a broadcast. Another of these horrific instances occurred last week when rapper Indian Red Boy was shot and killed in what appears to be a walk-up shooting while he was speaking with others on the social media service.

Local outlet CBS Los Angeles reports that the 21-year-old rapper, real name Zerail Dijon Rivera of Los Angeles, was parked behind an apartment building in Hawthorne on July 8. A video of the shooting has made its rounds on social media, and we’ll not be sharing the clip here.

According to the police report delivered by Lt. Ti Goetz of the Hawthorne Police Department, Indian Red Boy was found slumped over suffering from gunshot wounds and was later pronounced dead on the scene. Goetz added just a bit of detail in a statement delivered to the press.

“It appears to have been a walk-up shooting and he appears to have been targeted,” Goetz stated.

An investigation has been launched after a multi-city task force responded to the incident. The suspect fled on foot and detectives are now looking at video footage from cameras in the region and are asking the public to offer tips if they witnessed the act.

During the Instagram Live, Indian Red Boy was on the session with @kapaalxt8, who posted a message in. honor of his friend but has since locked down his page. There has been some chatter that Indian Red Boy defaced a Nipsey Hussle using red paint, with some alleging it was a gang-related act of disrespect. There are also whispers that another associate of Indian Red Boy was the one who defaced the mural.

Reactions to the news have been cropping up on Twitter since the shooting happened. We’ve got the reactions below.

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