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J. Cole, at just 35 years of age, has done just about everything in music he hoped to achieve when he first began his long journey with Hip-Hop. With rumblings of retirement, the Dreamville honcho once again showed off his superior pen and singular vision as an artist with a two-single dropped titled Lewis Street that has Twitter remembering their love of the North Carolina rapper and producer.

The Lewis Street two-pack features the self-produced “The Climb Back,” a fitting title showing off the Fayetteville star’s return to rap royalty. Over a turbulent track, Cole finds a comfortable pocket and lays out his literal climb as a rapper in his usual frank fashion.

From “The Climb Back”:

I’m sick of this flauntin’, from n*ggas I know for sure ain’t got mo’ dough than Cole/Trash rappers, ass-backward, tryna go toe-to-toe/We laugh at ya, staff strapped up on top the totem pole, to blast at ya/Bass masters, look how they tote a pole/Gotta know the ropes and the protocol/Or they gon’ for sure blow your clothes half off like a promo code/Made a lil’ tune called “Foldin Clothes,” and a n*gga still ain’t known to fold under pressure
Well you know what Cole do/Make a diamond, they just rhymin’, me, I’m quotin’ gold/

Cole follows up “The Climb Back” with “Lion King On Ice,” a more straight-ahead track co-produced by T-Minus and Jetson, harkening back to his “Young Simba” days in clever fashion.

With a revealing op-ed “The Audacity” published by The Player’s Tribune, fans got a deeper look at the typically reclusive and self-analyzing Cole. While hints of retirement are present, the excitement over the Lewis Street drop proves that J. Cole is still the people’s choice. Still no word on The Fall Off, but this appetizer should hold many over.

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