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Jason Luv

Jason Luv is currently enjoying a level of notoriety that he was always on the cusp of but boosted by his controversial adult film scene with Lena The Plug, the wife of Adam22. In subsequent interviews, video calls, and social media chatter, Jason Luv hasn’t exactly been humble about handling Adam22’s lightwork in the bedroom and it looks like they’re a beef battle on the horizon.

Because this whole debacle is getting a little long in the tooth, we’ll be brief. Adam22 and his wife Lena The Plug are adult entertainers themselves, having engaged in wild onscreen romps with guests on Lena The Plug’s podcast, Plug Talk, among other zany adventures.

However, Jason Luv was the first man Lena has slept with in the past seven years since being married to Adam22, real name Adam Grandmaison. And for those who have witnessed the scene, Luv put in a level of pipework that had Lena blushing in her recaps in front of her husband.

It should be noted that it appears that Adam22 and Lena specifically selected Luv for the task due to his specific looks, talent, and fanbase. Lena, a marketing genius like her husband, teased the big scene, which was released last week. In the details that have emerged, Adam22 paid more than double Luv’s usual rate for performance.

Luv was recently a guest on The Fan Van and while he was candid in a three-way video call with Adam and Lena, Luv went all the way left in this particular chat. Without getting into the gory details, words like “stretched” and he “hit her with all his best moves” which included ending the moment where it began, if you can catch our drift.

This week, Adam22 issued a warning towards Luv, citing that he’s had enough of the disrespect and that he didn’t appreciate having his member being compared to Luv in a disparaging way. Yeah, it’s really a lot.

We’re erring on the side of caution and not posting The Fan Van interview with Jason directly in the body of the text but you can find a snippet of what you’re looking for here.

For what it’s worth, we’re beginning to think this is just one long and uncomfortable joke.

Photo: @iamjasonluv / Instagram