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Karlissa Saffold, the mother of rapper and reality television star Blueface, went viral after sharing quite an explosive bit of news about her son’s, ahem, situation. Saffold said that her husband’s “equipment” is larger than her son’s setup and folks on Twitter are shocked.

Karlissa Saffold, 50, was seen on what can be assumed with Instagram Live speaking with the public although the context was initially missing and lost on us.

However, what wasn’t missing was Saffold explicitly saying that she “has her own d*ck over here and it’s bigger than my son’s” for reasons we can’t imagine. The relationship between Saffold and Blueface, real name Johnathan Porter, has been turbulent at times which resulted in the rapper kicking his mother and sister out of his home after allegedly fighting with his girlfriend at the time.

In an attempt to get to the bottom of this, we combed through Saffold’s Instagram page and found a post dated February 22 that might offer some explanation.

From Safford’s IG page:

“They said I want to have sex with my own son Lord the son I fought, worked, inspired, motivated and pushed to believe in you and himself lord. The son I put before myself, the son I prayed for lord. The enemies are speaking against me after their own mothers walked out on them for a pack of cigarettes lord. I know you said you would use my enemies to bless me but this burden is disturbing lord. Amen

Again, we aren’t clear who spread the vile rumors of Saffold wanting to sleep with Blueface, which apparently prompted her to speak on the size of the anatomy in her household.

Check out the reactions to Karlissa Saffold setting the meat record straight from Twitter below.

Photo: Prince Williams / Getty