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Twitter Claims North West's Painting Is Actually Bob Ross' Work

Source: Pierre Suu / Getty

Kim Kardashian is being accused of capping on social media after sharing a photo of a painting her daughter North West did.

The reality star/mogul thought she was gonna share a proud mom moment on her Instagram Story. Little did she know it would have folks accusing her of stealing a legendary artist’s work. Kardashian posted a painting claiming that her oldest daughter, North West did it with the caption “My little artist North” and it’s excellent, especially because she is only 7-years-old.

Naturally, no one is buying what Kardashian is selling and can’t fathom that North West could create such a painting at a young age. One Twitter user hilariously wrote in response to the work of art, “If North West painted this, then I singlehandedly produced My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” 

Excuse us while we chuckle after reading that.

Other users went as far as to accuse Kardashian of jacking a painting from the legend himself, Bob Ross, who is well-known for his landscape paintings. Another Twitter user wrote in a retweet, “I know a Bob Ross painting when I see one.”

Man, y’all are hilariously ruthless.

We understand that it could be hard to believe that a 7-year-old painted such a detailed landscape painting, but keep in mind this is the seed of Kim Kardashian and “Christian Genius Billionaire” Kanye West. So why can’t North West be capable of creating works of art at such a young age?

Kim Kardashian has yet to respond to the allegations that she is lying. Besides, she reportedly has bigger things to worry about, like her allegedly divorcing Kanye West.

Anyway, we are always here for the jokes and reactions. You can peep the best ones in the gallery below.

Photo: Pierre Suu / Getty


We feel you. 


Folks want to see some receipts. 


LOL, y’all play too damn much.


Where is the video proof? 


That sounds like a sure bet to us. 








This is the best one. 


A child prodigy.