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Laura Ingraham, host of The Ingraham Angle on Fox News...

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Laura Ingraham, she of long face and terrible opinions, is once again showing just how far she’ll sink to get the people talking. This time, the Fox News host took a swipe at Americans receiving unemployment benefits and suggested a way to get them back to work is to cut off their privileges.

The comments were made this past Thursday by Ingraham on her Fox News show, The Ingraham Angle, and were sparked by a conversation with Bar Rescue host Jon Taffer, who essentially agreed with the notion that Americans aren’t going back to work due to unemployment benefits.

“What if we just cut off the unemployment?” Ingraham said to Taffer. “Hunger is a pretty powerful thing.”

Taffer retorted, “They only feed a military dog at night because a hungry dog is an obedient dog. Well, if we are not causing people to be hungry to work, then we’re providing them with all the meals they need sitting at home.”

Taffer has since apologized for agreeing with the chin-forward television host because, well, money talks and you can’t afford to lose those sponsor dollars being stupid and borderline racist. It’s pretty sad that folks just barely scraping by are being told by folks with lots more money than them that they just need to suck it up for poor wages lest they starve. Check out his tweet thread below.

The abhorrent comment has Laura Ingraham’s name trending, which seems to be some sort of plan to lean into her villainess role. We’ve got the reactions and the segment in question below.

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