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After tempers flared at Erica and Safaree’s joint bachelor and bachelorette party, their upcoming wedding is once again looking shaky. This week’s episode picks right up where last week’s left off.

Looks like Safaree is having some second thoughts about jumping the broom with Erica Mena. He heads to Yandy’s house to vent to her about what went down the previous night. He explains that he did invite Rich to the party, which led to all the drama, but he was not feeling Erica’s lingerie mob coming for him about his decision.

Safaree tells Yandy he is not as happy as he was when he first proposed to Erica. Yandy quickly reminds him that’s not how relationships work, and there are gonna be problems which is healthy, he just has to be committed to fixing them. Yandy further explains to Safaree that he shouldn’t walk away from his commitment just because of one argument. Safaree isn’t trying to hear it and tells Yandy he is tired of dealing with negativity because it’s only going to get worse and storms out of Yandy’s crib.

Meanwhile, Safaree’s bride-to-be, Erica, isn’t in a good space either following the events at the bachelor/bachelorette party. To get her mind straight, she is staying at Remy and Papoose’s apartment instead of her house to avoid Safaree. Just like her fiancé, she is not happy. Erica can’t wrap her head around the fact that Safaree invited Rich, a man whom she claims disrespected her over the years, previous seasons of LHHNY say otherwise.

Anyway, Remy tries to explain to Erica that great marriages work out their issues, which results in stronger bonds. Erica tells Remy all she wants Safaree to do was step up and protect her in that situation despite knowing he is not a confrontational person, a quality she admits she loves about him.

We step away from the marriage no one really cares about and catch up with Kimbella. She gets a call from her currently incarcerated husband, Juelz. He tells her that he got the photos of the kids she sent him and that he misses his family. Kimbella tells him that she reconnected with Chrissy, and he thinks that’s great. Kimbella also mentions to Juelz that she linked up with his brother and that they want to do something with the music he has recorded but never got around to releasing. After a brief silence, Juelz gives her his blessings, and she is happy.

We check back in with our *sarcastic voice* favorite couple. It would seem the conversations they had helped them see the bigger picture, so the wedding is still on.  When Safaree arrives at the venue, his sister — who is also his best man — gives him a rosary with a picture of his deceased uncle on it. Safaree and his uncle had a special relationship, so the gesture brings him to tears.

The tears didn’t stop there, before the big ceremony, the couple seeing each other in their wedding drip brings them both to tears. Safaree gifts his bride a bracelet with her dead father’s signature, so she can feel like he is there at the wedding with her as she walks down the aisle. What a thoughtful gesture from Mr. Samuels.

We zap over to Chrissy’s home, no not the one that got foreclosed; apparently, they got themselves some new digs. Jimmy is back in town and already getting trouble because Chrissy caught him smoking. They talk about Kimbella, and Jim mentions he wants to check on her.  The Dipset Capo also expresses that he still has a lot of love for Juelz as well.

Before Safaree and Erica say I do, there is a bit of drama at the wedding venue. Tahiry and Joe link up to admire their wedding fits and are eventually joined by Yandy and her plus one Jonathan. Things get spicy between Tahiry and Jonathan go back and forth about the argument they had in a previous episode where he stuck up for Cyn because he thought Erica was messy by trying to hook joe and Tahiry up.

Joe finally chimes in and tells them his current situation with Cyn is none of their business and leaves it that. Another issue pops up when LHHATL stars, Karlie Redd and Sierra, show up. Apparently, they are not on the list and could not watch the ceremony due to Karlie sending in the invite late.

Finally, we get to the wedding, and more tears flow as the couple exchange vows and say I do, we are finally introduced to Mr. and Mrs. Samuels.

We head back to the city, and the ladies of Dipset, JuJu (Cam’ron’s ex), Chrissy and Kimbella meet up at a bar. Kimbella brings everyone up to speed on how Juelz is doing and says he feels like a lot of people don’t care about him anymore. Chrissy proves that is not the case by handing Kimbella an envelope full of cash from Jim. Kimbella appreciates the kind gesture. This episode was light on the drama, don’t worry, Love and Hip Hop will be back on its bullsh*t next week.

You can peep the reactions to the wedding and more in the gallery below.

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