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Last week on Love & Hip: Hop: New York exes clashed; this week, they squash their long-standing “beef” well, not everyone.

The episode picks up where last week’s left off with the meeting between exes Cyn and Erica that was set up by “peacemaker” Jonathan. Things didn’t look like they were going so well with the two women really not seeing eye-to-eye with Cyn, eventually getting up and walking away to take a phone call. Jonathan uses the moment to talk to Erica and tell her that she is being insensitive to what is currently going on in Cyn’s life due to her break up with Joe, plus she hasn’t made the adjustment to being a single mom.

Being that she can relate to that, Erica decides to be more sympathetic to what is going on, and when Cyn returns tells her that she never meant to hurt anyone. Erica explains to Cyn that she had no idea of what she was going through because she always seems so strong. Cyn accepts what she hears from her former “lover,” and the two finally squash their issues and hug things out.

We FINALLY get an update on Mendeecees this episode. We reported back in November, last year, that he was slated to be released from prison before the end of 2019. It’s been crickets since that news, but after Yandy gets a phone call from her incarcerated husband, we now have a clearer picture. Mendeecees tells her that the paperwork to determine his release date has been submitted and that he will be coming home soon.

Of course, Yandy had to share the great news with his mom Judy but there, of course, is an issue. Yandy now has a foster child living with her, and there is a technicality with felons being around foster children. Judy asks Yandy if that means that her son won’t have a home to come to, and Yandy reassures her she will do her research and figure out the situation so that won’t be the case.

Jennaskeeeee finally makes her decision as to who she wants to work with. We honestly believe she shouldn’t trust either Rich or PHresher with her “rap career,” BUT that is not our decision to make. Anyway, while at a photoshoot with Rich, Jennaske tells PHresher how unhappy she is with him and points out that Rich has been living up to his word. PHresher is not too happy to hear that the woman he told needs surgery doesn’t want to work with him, and he storms off.

Meanwhile, things are not so great with PHresher at home either. His girlfriend, Jen The Groupie Slayer, still isn’t really feeling him since kicking PHresher out of the crib. He gives her the update on Jennaske, revealing they will no longer be working together professionally. Jenn takes the news with a grain of salt and is suspicious because she believes that PHresher is sleeping with Jennaske. The bad news doesn’t stop there for the “Wait A Minute” rapper, Jenn also informs him that a woman name Jada has been in her DMs and told her that PHresher owes her $50,000.

For whatever reason, Jenn decides to go meet Jada, and as you can imagine, the meeting does not go well. Jada tells Jenn exactly what her forever boyfriend has been up to and that she just wants her money back. Jada also claims that PHresher ripped her off and used her money to pay his debt. Jada drops the bombshell that she believes that PHresher also used her money to pay for Jenn’s plastic surgery.

Jenn retorts by saying that Jada was stupid for giving PHresher money (she was), and they begin arguing. Jada pulls out text messages showing PHresher professing his love to her and that he bought her flowers. Things get spicy between the two women once again with security having to step in, we wished Jenn saved this energy for PHresher though.

Finally, in a surprising moment on the show, Rich and Safaree also squash their beef. The two happen to link up the gym, and Rich puts on his big boy pants and apologizes to Safaree for his behavior after Safaree and Erica made it official. Safaree accepts the apology, but he is not sure if his wife-to-be will, and he is absolutely correct about that.

Things get interesting when Rich shows up to Safaree’s bachelor party. In typical Love & Hip Hop fashion, Erica and Safaree decide to hold their bachelor and bachelorette parties in the same venue. Make it make sense, please. Anyway, Erica and her friends find out that Rich is in attendance, and her friends demand that Rich be given the boot, but Safaree says nah.

Erica finds out and comes over clearly upset, and that is when Rich decides his presence is an issue and leaves. After squashing one “problem” last week, Safaree and Erica now have another one, and the two go into the bathroom to have a discussion about what just transpired. Erica feels that Safaree doesn’t respect her and she breaks down in tears, Safaree is over it and leaves the party because he doesn’t understand why she is so upset.


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