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We got a break this week from the tired Chrissy, Yandy and Kimbella situation in exchange for the mess that is equally mind-numbing involving Cyn Santana and her exes, Joe Budden and Erica Mena. Of course, there was a sprinkle of other drama pertaining to newcomers Jennakse, PHresher, and his long-time girlfriend, Jen The Groupie Slayer.
The episode opens up with Jennaske in the studio cause you know Love & Hip Hop loves a good scene in someone’s music studio with cast members laying down absolutely nothing in the booth. Anyway, with her potential “manager” looking on, Jennaske does something musically. After she is done, Jennaske and Rich have a conversation about the big blowup between herself and PHresher’s girlfriend of forever, Jen. Rich tells Jennaske the whole scene was very unprofessional, and she wonders if she needs to have a conversation with PHresher about ending whatever working relationship they had.

Conveniently right at that moment, PHresher walks in on the conversation. Things go left immediately when PHresher suggests that Jennaske wasn’t acting very “ladylike” that night at her event. Jennaske fires back and tells him that he needs to keep his lady in check. Where is the lie?

Speaking of Jen, The Groupie Slayer (we still can’t believe this is a thing), things are not all good at home for PHresher at all. We learn from the “Wait A Minute” rapper that he has been sleeping at his momma’s house following the big blow up at the event. When he arrives home, Jen is busy putting all his clothing in boxes cause he is clearly not welcome there anymore, for the moment. Jen feels PHresher failed to back her up that night and made her look stupid by pushing her out of the venue for being upset because she thought her man was getting too close with Jennaske. PHresher apparently had a few issues being faithful in their relationship (no surprise), so, of course, Jen is very suspicious of the rapper when he is around other women.

Flashing back to Jennaske, Rich is busting his ass this season to see to it that she makes it in the rap game, and he becomes her manager. The duo arrives at Hot 97 to visit DJ Kay Slay for an appearance on his radio show. After Jennaske spits a “freestyle” that impresses both Dollaz and the Drama King, Rich points out all the things he has successfully done for her and feels Jennaske should make it business between them exclusive. We all know where this “working relationship” will end up going, but whatever. You can rate the bars yourself.

Now to the meat and potatoes of this episode. Jonathan’s job this season is clearly to stir the pot any chance he gets. During a conversation with himself, JuJu and Cyn, he reveals that Santana’s ex, Erica Mena is playing cupid, trying to hook up her other ex and the father of her son, Joe Budden, with his ex-girlfriend Tahiry. Yeah, that was a lot, right? Anyway, Cyn does state she is not concerned about Joe’s love life BUT thinks it is incredibly messy that Erica is trying to hook him up with Tahiry given their well-documented history.

Well, that discussion leads to another studio scene this time involving Joe and Cyn. They have a brief conversation about Erica trying to hook him up with Tahiry. Now, while Cyn is a bit turned up about the situation, Joe is once again very calm. In his signature monotone voice, that probably bothers the hell out of Cyn, he pretty much shrugs everything off as not that big of a deal because nothing is going on.

You would think the situation would end there, right? WRONG. Jonathan and Cyn link up with Erica to have a discussion about the matter. Of course, this doesn’t go well because Erica feels she has done nothing wrong and claims she is team Tahiry and Joe because she sees something is still there, and it has nothing to do with her and Cyn’s past. Cyn doesn’t believe that and frustratingly leaves the room after Erica dismisses her “crocodile tears” while on the phone with her sister.

Yeah, that was a waste of time.

Other moments include the ridiculous back and forth between Erica and Safaree about inviting Yandy to their rushed wedding.

After being very adamant that he did not formally invite Yandy to the wedding, he eventually takes responsibility after a conversation with Tahiry and apologizes to Erica and proposes to her again, this time with a watch. Remy Ma and Papoose’s Black love is tested because Remy wants to get back to work, but she just doesn’t have the time thanks to motherhood. After a discussion and a slight disagreement, the loving couple comes to an agreement.

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