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Jen The Groupie Slayer Wants All The Smoke With Jennaske On LHHNY

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Last week, Love & Hip Hop: New York ended with Chrissy and Yandy looking to square off once again thanks to Kimbella snitching, and that is precisely where last night’s (Dec.30) episode picks up.

The beef that pretty much has been simmering for nearly a damn decade continues. Chrissy walks into a heated conversation going on between Yandy, Cyn, Kimbella, and Jonathan. She immediately interjects into the conversation, and things are tense at first but eventually calm down to the point that Yandy and Chrissy can actually talk without things going left. Yandy claims that she really has no issue with Chrissy while Kimbella is still caping for the woman who literally dragged her across a room.

Yandy further explains that she has been going through a lot in her life and has no time for the nonsense and Chrissy concurs. Both Yandy and Chrissy’s confessionals tell a different story, with both of them taking digs at each other despite seemingly coming to some sort of a truce.

The beef will be put back on the stove when Chrissy and Yandy meet up once again to have a conversation with each other minus Kimbella trying to make it seem like Yandy is lying. Anyway, things get chippy between the two castmates once again when Chrissy reveals she told her “business partner” Greg aka “Big Bizness” to take down a picture from Instagram he took with Yandy.

We’re just gonna fast forward to the moment of the episode that really deserved all the attention. Last week we met the new kid on the Love & Hip Hop block Phresher. He quickly pointed out that he has been with his long-time sweetheart Jen for 20 years and has two children, and we finally get to meet them. We also learned how toxic he is during a conversation with fellow new castmate Jennaske where he suggested that she get her booty and breast done because that is wave now and that he wants to sign her to his music label. Keep in mind he only has one hit record, so how in the world does he own a record label?

Anyway, Phresher has competition if he wants Jennaske and her talent on his label because Rich Dollaz is already on the job and is making a strong impression on the up-and-coming rapper. At Jennaske’s showcase, Rich impresses her and shows that he is serious about working with Jennaske and “taking her to the next level.” He fills up the venue with his “music industry connects” and friends to see what she has to offer to the music world. Phresher, on the other hand, just shows up with nothing but promises while making another pitch to her to join his label, but Jennaske is like nah. In typical Love & Hip Hop fashion, Phresher’s wife Jen — whom he told not to come because of her attitude — shows up right on time to see the father of her kids holding Jennaske’s hand while they are talking.

We learn from Jonathan, who spots Phresher’s girlfriend in the spot that she goes by the name Jen The Groupie Slayer on Instagram, and she does not play. We quickly learn that when she approaches, Jennaske and Phresher and Jen wants all the smoke with the young rapper. Phresher gets in between his groupie slaying boo and Jennaske and finally gets her to go outside of the venue to talk, and she gives us flashes of why her Instagram handle is what it is.

The couple hops in Phresher’s jeep and pulls off, Jen warns Phresher to never to pull her away from a situation again. We know who be checking who in that relationship.

Other moments that went down during the episode include Tahiry and Joe Budden hanging out and Jonathan and JuJu saying Erica is wrong for trying to play matchmaker and bring them back together.

Speaking of Erica, her and Safaree are at odds once again after Yandy reveals he did invite her to the wedding despite him telling Erica otherwise.

You can peep all of the reactions, especially to Yandy and Chrissy’s ongoing beef, as well as Jen The Groupie Slayer below.

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