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Lovecraft Country Jig-A-Bobo episode

Source: Eli Joshua Ade / HBO

Lovecraft Country takes another step closer to its conclusion and with just two episodes left, the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been. For the episode “Jig-A-Bobo,” Diana aka Dee gets the story’s focus while other big secrets are revealed.

For this recap, we’re taking a different approach instead of doing a detailed breakdown of every scene.

The show seemingly takes place before the events that unfolded in the “I Am” episode, where Hippolyta came into her own, literally and otherwise. As noted in that episode, Capt. Seamus Lancaster and the Order of the Ancient Dawn’s Chicago lodge is in deep pursuit of Hiram’s orrery, which we learn leads to an opening of a time rift that Tic and Hippolyta both experience.

With “Jig-A-Bobo,” the tragic murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till is front and center of the rage and angst amongst the show’s Black characters, namely Dee, who was friends with Bobo and is angered by his outcome. Dee, confronted by Lancaster and another officer from the Order place a spell on her in order to get access to the orrery.

Shades of Jordan Peele’s chilling Us film are present as twin evil spirits Topsey and Bopsey appear from the cover of one of Dianna’s books and haunt her every move before cornering her, which thrusts her life into peril.

The big picture moves into focus as Christina’s Braithwhite’s sinister plan is inching towards fruition. Immortality has been a running theme with the Order and Christina’s obsession with transforming herself periodically into William appeared centered on admission to the order at first but there is still something larger at stake.

Ruby, caught up in Christina/William’s charms, wants desperately to continue benefiting from the shape-shifting magic that her love provides, even if in the end it doesn’t leave her fulfilled.

The Tic and Leti Show has a bit of an interruption as Ji-Ah arrives in Chicago in order to warn Tic about his foretold doom when she attached one of her nine tails from her spirit form. However, because Tic traveled into the future in the time rift, he knows that Leti’s carrying his son, who goes on to become an author of the novel Lovecraft Country, which mirrors the lives of the Freemans and all related parties we meet in the show.

Christina wields a significant advantage as Ruby, Tic, and Leti all come to her for advice for magic spells in exchange for clues and assistance in obtaining the orrery. This proves to beneficial in the show’s climax, as a many-eyed beast we saw earlier in the season saves the day in a most violent fashion.

Reaction to Lovecraft Country‘s eighth episode was favorable across Twitter and we’ve got those comments listed down below.

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