Lovecraft Country

The term Tulsa Massacre began trending on Twitter on Wednesday (October 27) with users sharing when was the first time they learned of the tragic event that took place a century ago in Oklahoma.

Courtney B. Vance paid homage to the late actor in his acceptance speech this past Sunday at the Primetime Creative Emmy Awards.

However, those fans expecting more of Tic and Letty's journey will have to dream the future scenarios as the network will not bring the series back.

With the news focused on the election and the tensions of the world being what they are, it certainly seems like we've breezed through the inaugural season of Misha Green's hit drama and fans are left wanting more.

Like another big HBO show this year, Leti, Tic, Montrose, and the gang find themselves in Tulsa looking for the cure to save Dee's life but it might come with the highest price yet.

Series creator Misha Green sits in the director's chair for this episode.

Lovecraft Country has managed to outdo itself each consecutive episode in its inaugural season, with its seventh episode putting a strong focus on Hippolyta. Episode seven, titled "I Am," finally shows fans what the orrery can do, but there were other big reveals as well.

In one of the more subdued episodes of Lovecraft Country, the focus on Ji-Ah and the mysterious spirit she represents gets plenty of focus with the

The fifth episode, "Strange Case," revealed William's secrets, Catherine's ambitions, Tic's unresolved anger, and much more.

The latest episode of Lovecraft Country was probably the tamest one thus far but pushes the story further along as Tic, Leti, and Montrose dive deeper into the mysteries of the Order of the Ancient Dawn.


Now that the supernatural series set in the Jim Crow era of American history has found a fan base that can't get enough of the show, HBO is launching a new social VR experience for fans who want to get more familiar with the world where monsters, magic and racism reign supreme.

In the latest episode, aptly titled "Holy Ghost," Leti's good fortune almost turned deadly due to the racist white neighbors of the North Side of Chicago, and the haunted spirits trapped inside her new residence.