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Master P On The Breakfast Club

Source: Power 105 / Revolt

Master P is not having the best of weeks. The No Limit Records founder and mogul is currently getting fried on Twitter after what’s being called an evasive interview on The Breakfast Club on Monday (Feb. 27).

To bring up to speed, recently, Master P has been accused of owing Jess Hilarious and Fat Trel money. Recently, Fat Trel was on the No Jumper podcast, where he asserted that P owed him a bag. The rapper claimed that after his run as a member of the Louie B mob, he was never paid for his contribution to a mixtape’s release. Trel said did get monthly payments, but it was crickets for money from the music he was releasing.

Then Jess Hilarious entered the chat. As a guest host on The Breakfast Club, the comedian relayed that P allegedly still owed her money from her role on I Got The Hook Up 2. Apparently, she shot two scenes but only appear in one, and got paid for one and not the other.

Although P took to social media to assert that he doesn’t owe either of them a dime (sort of), he then went to The Breakfast Club, and that’s when things really took a turn. During the interview, P is accused of talking in circles and not inspiring much confidence that this was all some sort of misunderstanding.

“I feel like we are destroying each other by not thinking,” said Master P early in the interview. “We just talking. Me, I’m a humble man. I’m a God-fearing man. I come from the streets. I tried to change my life. I want to show people how to grow up, change and do what I’ve done. I feel like we don’t value relationships no more. All we value is views, TikToks, likes, followers. But what about when you burning those bridges and you have to come back on that bridge? Everything that go up come down.”

P didn’t mention Fat Trel and Jess Hilarious by name, but it’s obvious who he was speaking of. Ultimately, P put the onus on the production as far as anyone not getting paid. But, you know social media ain’t hearing it.

Also, P clarified the type of business relationship he had, or didn’t have, with Meek Mill. He also dipped into a bag that seems to have an infinity amount of products that include cereal (with Snoop Dogg) and pain relief ointments.

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