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Master P On The Breakfast Club

Source: Power 105 / Revolt

Lately, Master P’s name has been getting thrown around by people saying he owes them money. So Master P pulled up on ‘The Breakfast Club’ to “educate” the people on a few things. Feeling like too many people in the culture are turning their backs on each other and not helping one another through the struggle, P decided to take to the airwaves and break down the importance of helping one another in the wake of all the gossip surrounding his way of handling business.

Touching on his forthcoming business ventures and a few topics that involve Meek Mill and Fat Trel, Master P tried his best to remind everyone that he’s done more to help the people around him than he gets credit for. Whether or not it helped sway a few minds, we shall see.

Here are the five things we learned from Master P on ‘The Breakfast Club.’

Master P Put Out A Brail Book

Master P wonders why no one talks about the positive things he’s been doing over the years such as a brail book he put out with the help of a 7-year-old blind kid. Instead, he feels people like to talk about how he owes money to some of the people he’s worked with in the past. Allegations he doesn’t confirm nor deny but rather dances around throughout the interview.

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