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Super Bowl LVII Pregame

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The Black National Anthem, also widely known as “Lift Every Voice & Sing,” was performed expertly by Sheryl Lee Ralph ahead of Super Bowl LVII. Because Black people can’t have nice things, powerful conservative figures and others from the GOP side of the aisle complained on social media about the emotionally stirring moment.

The Black National Anthem was performed for the third year in a row ahead of the NFL’s biggest game on Feb. 12, with Ralph, a notable singer along as an award-winning actress, taking on the classic with ease. Shortly after her performance, Trump muppets and salty conservatives revved up the complaint train and accused the Super Bowl of wokeness, which we know is code for “it’s getting too Black in here.”

Ralph was rightly proud of her moment and shared the news via social media, which sparked the angry pitchfork mob to stir up some unnecessary mess and tried to take shots while using tired tropes of evoking the name of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

One Twitter user, who won’t dignify with posting their username, had the nerve to write to Ralph, “No disrespect to anyone, but MLK didn’t call for a separate anthem, did he? He didn’t call for segregated dorms and black-only graduations, did he? He called for unity, as I recall. I prefer his “content of their character” prescription over divisive “separate but equal” anthems.”

Yep. It was like that.

Just for context, we’ll share some of the other loser comments from the butt-hurt clowns who claim to be patriots and champions of fairness while taking down the big bad of “wokeness” from their cushy seats.

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