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Negro Leagues Stats Finally Acknowledged By MLB, X Celebrates

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The MLB is finally doing right by the exceptional athletes who dominated the Negro Leagues by allowing them to have their well-deserved place in Baseball’s record books.

Spotted on ESPN, the MLB is finally correcting what it called a “longtime oversight” by incorporating the Negro Leagues’ records for more than 2,300 players into its record books.

MLB’s decision greatly benefits Homestead Gray’s legendary catcher, Josh Gibson.

With the move, Josh Gibson surpassed Ty Cobb, becoming Major League Baseball’s career leader with a .372 batting average, passing Cobb’s .367.

Gibson’s .466 average for the 1943 Homestead Grays is now the season standard. Charlie “Chino” Smith is right behind Gibson with his .451 for the 1929 New York Lincoln Giants, eclipsing Hugh Duffy, who batted .440 for the National League’s Boston team in 1894.

Another massive milestone for Gibson (.718) and OPS (1.177) puts him ahead of the great Babe Ruth (.690 and 1.164) in slugging percentage.

“It’s a show of respect for great players who performed in the Negro Leagues due to circumstances beyond their control and once those circumstances changed demonstrated that they were truly major leaguers,” MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said in an interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday. “Maybe the single biggest factor was the success of players who played in the Negro Leagues and then came to the big leagues.”

MLB Players Positively React To The News

The news of the Negro Leagues stats finally being added to MLB’s record books is being positively received by players around the league.

“You get to learn about a lot of names and a lot of people that we may not have heard about,” Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen said per ESPN. “Now that Josh Gibson is at the top of OPS and batting average and a few other categories, it’s great news. But it’s more than just that and the numbers. It’s great that you now get to learn about the players in the Negro Leagues. … I’ll be able to do some more deep diving into some names that I may not have heard of.”

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Hunter Greene said the decision was “long overdue,” adding, “It is really exciting. I’m going to have to do a little bit more research and understand some of the history to kind of rewire my brain on some of the best players.”

Ty Cobb’s great-grandson, Tyrus Cobb, praised the decision.

“Baseball history is a part of U.S. history, and I think (the) major leagues acknowledging and incorporating the Negro Leagues is a huge step in kind of bringing all the parts of baseball history together,” Cobb said. “And I think it’s actually pretty exciting that there’s a new statistical batting average leader.”

Cobb, 32, who works in commercial real estate, also said he would “take a closer look” into Gibson’s career after passing Ty Cobb.

Social Media Reactions About The Negro Leagues Inclusion In MLB Records

While there is plenty of positive sentiment about the decision, we are not surprised there are people who are BIG MAD about the Negro Leagues’ fantastic players getting their just due.

“Babe Ruth rolling over in his grave,” a user on X, formerly Twitter, wrote.

Another user added, “Not a fan of this we understand they weren’t allowed to play and that sucks but they didn’t account these stats in the majors and it shouldn’t count towards MLB records.”

BIG MAD, indeed.

Welp, thankfully, their opinions do not matter.

You can see more reactions in the gallery below.

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