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Grits, eggs, strawberries, bananas, and tea for breakfast in New Orleans

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At least once a quarter, Black Twitter goes up in an uproar over the proper way to season grits and a new wrinkle to this passionate debate has been unveiled. During an interview with Young Dolph and Key Glock, Noisey’s Trey Smith threw the guys for a loop after sharing that he uses Old Bay seasoning on his favorite hot breakfast cereal.

The Dum & Dummer artists were guests on The Noisey Questionnaire of Life show back in November where Smith typically asks random questions from his guests, often with no real rhyme or reason which is the beauty of it.

Both Dolph and Glock professed a love for grits and it appears that the collaborators have new mock beef considering Glock likes sugar and butter in his grits while Dolph likes to go savory with black pepper and butter. In fact, Dolph sounded downright disgusted at the fact Glock likes his grits on the sweet side while his mans pushed back on the pepper usage with the same disdain.

However, the gentlemen were back in solidarity when Smith admitted that he uses Old Bay in his grits, prompting the pair to react with unified incredulousness. Smith tried to explain that as a Maryland native, residents of the state put the seasoning on chicken, fish, and nearly everything. [Writer’s Note: I’m from Maryland, I don’t do this and I don’t know this man, no offense.]

After a Twitter user spliced that portion of the clip from Dolph and Glock’s appearance on Noisey, the words Old Bay have been trending on Twitter and the Great Grits Debate threatens to once again divide Black Twitter.

As we said, this interview came out in November but homie signaling out the grits convo brought it back to life.

Check out the full interview here.

We’ve got the reactions below.

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