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If there is one truism that has held fast for decades, it’s the saying that “sex sells” and in the age of Instagram its never been more factual. With much of America on homebound lockdown due to Dat ‘Rona, we’ve compiled a, ahem, handy guide to 15 OnlyFans accounts to help out in these crazy coronavirus times.

The concept of OnlyFans, a monthly content service employed by adult entertainers, strippers, dancers and civilians alike, has become one of the more viable income generators for those who love to show off their bodies since webcamming. The idea behind OnlyFans simple: visitors simply pay a monthly fee, sometimes as little as $5.99 per month, to get exclusive and often R-rated content from curvy models who tease and tantalize across the vast Instagram network.

OnlyFans has become such a fixture in the culture that fans have asked celebrity figures who have never shown off their bodies outside whatever fits they’re promoting on IG to join the service and take it off. For some, the transition hasn’t been much of a shock considering they’re well aware of the eyeballs they attract and that the thirst of man knows almost no bounds.

We have it on good authority too that OnlyFans members can also purchase live video chats via the service, and there are some models who offer bonus content for an additional fee that showcases them getting a bit racier.

For our list, we have previous Bangin Candy/ Baes & Baddies starlet Poetry Travis and Audreana Renee. We also threw in a couple of fellas known for doing their thing in the OF universe. Let us know if we missed any of your faves in the comments section.

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