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Rihanna Covers Up Matching Shark Tattoo She Got With Drake, Twitter Reacts

Source: John Shearer / Getty

She told us she was a savage. Rihanna doesn’t have to say it, but a move she quietly made has let the world know that whatever she had going on with Drake romantically is indeed old news.

Rihanna has been the talk of the internet (sadly not about new music) since photos featuring herself and her boo A$AP Rocky hit Twitter timelines, capturing them sharing some PDA and a video of the couple being denied entry into a club because the “bouncers didn’t know them.” Some eagle-eyed Twitter users made a keen observation looking at the paparazzi photos and noticed that the matching camo shark tattoo she got with Drake had been covered up.

In its place is fittingly a crown that wraps around the pop star/lingerie slingers ankle.

Twitter users are quite shocked to learn the tattoo has been covered up, pointing out that when RiRi moves on, SHE MOVES ON. At the same time, they are using the moment to point out that “emo rapper” is probably somewhere internally screaming and possibly penning the sequel to “Marvin’s Room.”

Honestly, based on how the Bajan superstar moves in her love life, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone. Plus, wouldn’t you want to cover up any reminders of an ex? Especially a tattoo that really doesn’t mean that much to you? Besides, she looks quite smitten with A$AP Rocky, despite how some people feel about their relationship.

Oh well, you can peep more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: John Shearer / Getty


She definitely does. 



Poor Drake.


Lol, that’s wild.