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Ted Is Jealous of Tati & Sky Claims Kitty Slept With Ryan

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Last week on Black Ink Crew, Ceaser and his employees finally celebrated the opening of Black Ink’s new Brooklyn location. We also met Tati’s new boo, a tattoo artist Jemz who works at the 125th location. The highlight of the episode was when Ceaser’s daughter’s mother decided she wanted to test the strength of her new jaw by harassing  Kitty.

The show opens up with Mike pressing Puma to bring back Krystal. If you recall, Puma, while doing his best impression of Ceaser, fired her after she got involved in an argument between Mike and Q. Puma gives in and says she can come back, but she cannot start any more drama in the shop. The topic then shifts to the other Crystal and her ridiculous behavior at the Black Ink Brooklyn grand opening party.

Donna, who is always in other folk’s business, mentions she still believes that Ceaser and Kitty are smashing and adds that Black Ink’s Brand Ambassador is still in love with Ceaser.

Speaking of Ceaser, he catches up with Sky, and she immediately apologizes for missing the grand opening. She claims she had a scratched cornea that kept from attending. She also breaks the news that her boutique was closed down and breaks down in tears speaking on the failure of the shop.

Her “big brother” consoles her and tells her to use the failure as motivation to help her succeed in future endeavors.

Back at the shop, Alex finally returns after making peace with Ceaser at the grand opening party. Krystal also makes her triumphant return after being fired. The good vibes are killed when Donna, not minding her own business, decides to blurt out that she saw Tati and Jemz swapping spit. Tati is not happy that Donna put her business out there and understandably so. For whatever reason, Ted gets big mad that the woman he no longer wanted to be with has moved on and that Tati shouldn’t sleep with “the help.” The professional couch sitter then threatens to fire Tati like he did Jadah. We are deeply confused as to why he is even flexing like this.

Moving away from the drama, Walt announces to the crew that he is pursuing a career in stand up comedy, and he’s going on tour. His first stop will be Cleveland, which happens to be Donna’s hometown. She tells Walt she will be there and thinks it will be the perfect opportunity to introduce Alex to her family. Alex is a bit skeptical after his encounter with Donna’s sister that didn’t go too well. When they ask Walt if he told Jess about his month-long tour, he reveals he did not mention it to her yet.

While this is going on, a familiar face returns to Black Ink, and it’s none other than Oh Sh*t, aka Richard. He and his wife Nikki join Pumi and Quani for dinner.

We learn Oh Sh*t has his own tattoo shop in Atlanta as he discusses how hard it is to be the boss. Puma brings up that he wants Richard and Ceaser to bury the hatchet, but Richard isn’t sure how that is going to play out, being their friendship has been severely strained.

We check back in Ted, and he is still BIG MAD about Tati dating Jemz. He tells Ceaser that he wants to fire Jemz and that his cousin should understand because he never went behind Ceaser’s back and slept with any of his exes including “slut a*s” Dutchess. Cease tells him nah, and Ted is not feeling Ceaser’s answer and storms off, Cease warns him not to do anything stupid.

Walt decides to throw a big dinner to celebrate going on tour and be in the presence of his friends when he breaks the news to Jess. Before they can settle in, Puma asks Ceaser if they can talk outside about Richard. Ceaser reveals during his confessional that he is not sure if he can be friends with Oh Sh*t again because he took a picture with Dutchess. Ceaser passes on the meeting and heads back inside.

Richard pulls up right after, and Puma tells him that Ceaser is not down to talk with him. Back inside the restaurant, Jess finally shows up, and Walt breaks the news to her about being away for a month. After a tense moment, Jess expresses that she is happy for Walt and is proud of him.

After a toast from Ceaser, where he congratulated Walt, he announces that he is taking some of the crew to Cleveland to see Walt’s first show on his tour.

Sky couldn’t let the moment pass without being shady and claims during her toast that Miss Kitty is sleeping with Ryan from Black Ink Crew Chicago. Kitty tells Sky she is not even going to entertain her gossip that left Ceaser speechless. Why do these people continually mess with Kitty?

Tati quickly changes the subject to Ted and him hating on her and Jemz relationship. They begin to argue, and Ted threatens to fire her again.

The episode ends with the former love birds beefing with each other having to be separated.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz