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Miss Kitty Threatens To Break Ceaser's Baby Mommas New Jaw

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Last week on Black Ink Crew, Mike learned he is not the father of the boy he just met, Ceaser and the crew attended J’Ouvert and the West Indian Day Parade and Teddy came out of hiding. This all finally leads up to the Brooklyn shop opening.

The episode opens up with the Ceaser and the crew checking out the new shop. They are all impressed with how it looks on the inside. Cease also announces that the block party has been extended to go past the initial 9 pm curfew.

He cautions them to behave because he doesn’t want to mess things up with the Brooklyn city officials who have shown him tremendous amounts of love.

Cease tells everyone that his family will be in attendance, and Puma cracks a joke asking if Kitana from Mortal Kombat, aka his baby mother Crystal, will be there? Crystal has been wearing a mask after she had successful jaw surgery. After the wisecracks from Puma and Teddy, he confirms Crystal is indeed coming to the party.

Recently fired employee, Krystal, was also brought up, and Puma says she can attend, but that doesn’t mean she will be getting her J O B back. The scene shifts to Tati and Bae, who are out getting coffee. Bae, who has been d*ckless since Rob started acting up, notices Tati is extremely happy. Bae immediately puts two and two together, guessing that Tati is getting d*cked down.

Tati confirms Bae’s suspicions and reveals that she has been creeping around with another tattoo artist by the name of Jemz, who works at Black Ink 125th and occasionally guest tattoos at the 113th shop. Tati tells Bae not tot tell anyone because she doesn’t want anyone in the shop to know. Bae promises to keep her secret.

Donna and Alex are still going through it. They finally have a much-needed conversation because things have been very rocky between them since the fake marriage ceremony. Donna finally realizes she was wrong for putting so much pressure on Alex to marry her because she doesn’t want to lose what they have.

Alex agrees and even tells his “big momma” that he intends on marrying her someday, and that just tickles her pink. He just wants to make sure they are both straight financially and doesn’t want to do anything “half-ass.”

We check-in with Ceaser’s daughter’s mother, Crystal, and she is currently searching for an outfit to wear to the party. The shows resident stylist, Q, is helping her choose a dress, but her daughter Cheyenne is saying nah to all of Q’s choices.  Crystal is feeling super confident now that she shed some pounds and got a new jaw, and she wants to impress Ceaser. Q takes it as her wanting to get back with Cease, and it would seem like she is indeed open to the idea.

Before the big party, Tati and her new boo, Jemz, link up for some bowling. The two lovebirds can’t keep their hands off one another and are totally into each other. The date goes left after Tati invites Jemz to the grand opening party but insists that they still keep things on the low. Jemz is not feeling that suggestion and feels Tati isn’t honest with him. Things get real spicy when Teddy calls Tati, and he sees his name pop up on her Apple Watch. Jemz has seen enough and walks away, leaving Tati back in a sad place once again.

It’s officially party time, and the mood is celebratory as it should be. Cease gets on the microphone and extends thanks to all the people who have helped him that includes his parents, Ted, Puma, and Kitty.

Crystal pulls up wearing a fancy new mask and the outfit that Q picked out. Q goes out to meet her, and Crystal tells him that she is nervous and admits her feelings for Cease have come back. Crystal says to Q that she needs a minute to gather herself before her big reveal.

While Crystal sits in the car waiting, Alex steps up to Ceaser to have a conversation with his old boss. It appears he has been cleared to work again and asks Cease for his old job back. Ceaser tells him he is welcomed back, surprisingly. Crystal finally musters up the courage to walk inside the shop and reveals her new jaw. Everyone is impressed with her new look, even Cease and Teddy, like what they see. Cease explains in his confessional, he is a bit uncomfortable because of how Crystal is looking at him.

After everyone is done fawning over Crystal’s new look, she tells Q that she thinks Ceaser and Q didn’t care about her new look, and that made her sad. She also feels Ceaser’s feelings towards her are being blocked by Kitty, who she accuses of trying to get in between her and Cease and claims shes is “f**king her way to top.”

We shift from Crystal and catch up with Tati. She is still feeling sad because of what happened between her and Jemz. She speaks to Bae about the situation, and Bae feels she should call Jemz and tell him to come to the party and to stop trying to hide him from the world.

Speaking of Bae, she links up with Kitty at the party to spill the tea she heard about her. Q, for whatever reason, told Bae about the things Crystal said about Kitty, and Bae decides to be messy and share the info. Kitty says that Crystal is just mad Cease wants her and not Crystal and that she will forever just be his baby mother. Bae suggests Kitty should just talk to Bae, but she is not with that idea at all.

Meanwhile, Jemz shows up, and Tati explains herself to her new man why she initially felt the way she did about keeping their relationship. She ultimately decides that she doesn’t care anymore and wants the world to know about her relationship with Jemz. The new Black Ink couple patches things up between them and gets back on the same page.

Back inside, things get incredibly spicy between Crystal and Kitty. Sensing the tension spewing from Kitty, Crystal decides to have a talk with her. Instead of talking, Kitty tells Crystal she has to go to the restroom and just leave the party. Crystal decides to chase after Kitty, but Black Ink’s brand ambassador is not with it. Kitty feels Crystal is being insecure and doing too much and is begging for Kitty to mess up her new jaw.

The episode ends with Crystal following and harassing Kitty in the streets of Brooklyn with Kitty mentioning during her confessional that despite her surgery, Crystal still looks like a pomeranian.

Next week it looks like Sky will be the next person to try Kitty by insinuating that Kitty slept with Ryan from Black Ink Chicago. Oh, we cannot wait to see how that pans out. For now, you get into the reactions from last night’s episode in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz