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Soulja Boy Is Big Mad Nobody Wants To Have Dinner With Him

Source: Michael Tullberg / Getty / Soulja Boy

Dinner with Soulja Boy? Apparently, nobody has time for that.

Soulja Boy was BIG MAD after a viral video showed people choosing $250 worth of food stamps instead of having dinner with him to pick his legendary brain.

As expected, the rapper, who claims to be the first to do many things, got on Instagram to rant, holding stacks of cash, calling the people in the clip “broke” and reminding them that they will “never make it out the hood,” while taking a shot a the state of New Jersey.

New Jersey-based platform 856 Entertainment was behind the now infamous clip. Hence the Jersey shade and a young man approaches random women with the $250 question if dinner with Soulja Boy is worth more than the food stamps. Hilariously, almost all of them didn’t think a meal and a conversation with Big Draco was worth passing up $250 in food stamps.

“Suck my d*ck. Ya’ll ain’t ever gonna make it out the hood,” he started his rant. “Y’all ni**as gon’ die broke. I wouldn’t have dinner with y’all pu**y AIDS-infested h*es anyway,” the insanely bitter Hip-Hop star said, adding he “would not have dinner with no broke a** bi**h from New Jersey anyway. I would not have dinner with no crackhead looking h*es anyway.”

He continues, “Bi**hes could not be in the same room with me. Ya’ll ni**as gon’ die in the hood, gon’ die broke, and gon’ never touch a million dollars. Never gon’ touch 30 million, ya’ll ain’t never gon’ touch 100K in a day, you gon’ die broke, you lived your whole life broke, bi**ch. You ain’t gon’ never be sh*t.”

We’ve Been Down This Road Before

If this question about dinner with a high-profile celebrity sounds familiar, it is. At that time, people were asked to choose between “$500,000 or dinner with Jay-Z.” 

Unlike the question with Soulja Boy, there was a bit more of a divide, with some choosing an opportunity to speak with HOV and some preferring the money. Tidal, the music streaming platform that the Brooklyn rapper used to own, told its followers to take the $500K.

There is a good chance that Jigga was the creator of that tweet.

We know one thing, Soulja Boy better respond to the SEC after being hit with charges for illegally promoting cryptocurrency.

Speaking of tweets, Twitter has been reacting to Soulja Boy’s rant. You can see those reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Michael Tullberg / Getty

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